I Have No Time for Traditional Banking!


Is traditional banking on its way out? We say it’s a goner in the digital age. With the rapid development of financial technologies, traditional banking is past recovery. Most of us make contactless and electronic payments or prefer to pay in Bitcoin, so we can say in all certainty that we have no more time for traditional banking!

Contactless Payments

Contactless payments are the next generation of payments that save loads of time. Debit/credit cards were the first step in pushing traditional banking aside, but contactless payments took digital banking to the next level. Paying with a debit/credit card was quick, but with contactless payments, it’s even quicker. Get your card, touch the screen, and go. Who would want to go to traditional banking anyway?

Debit/Credit Cards – #1 Retail Payment Method

Speak of the Devil… In one of our previous blog posts we mentioned that debit/credit cards – contactless or not – are the most popular retail payment method. If you think about it, you can use them everywhere to pay, with a very few exceptions.

QR Codes to Pay With Bitcoin

Paying with Bitcoin scanning a QR code is just as easy and quick. If you have bitcoins to spend and know where the coin is accepted, faster payments are just an app away!

To pay with an QR code, you need a bitcoin wallet up on you mobile. All you need to do is simply scan the QR code, and it will prefill the recipient bitcoin address and the requested payment amount. Once you send the transaction, the payment is complete.

Digital Banking vs. Alternatives

Digital banking is moving with the times… but not fast enough. The fintech revolution has seen the rise of digital banking alternatives. Do Revolut, Starling, or N26 ring a bell? These are just some of the future digital banks to look out for.

How are the alternatives different from traditional digital banks? It all lies in simplified UX, functionality, speed, and fees. Fees may be the key factor to switching from a traditional online bank account to a revolutionizing one. You certainly don’t want to pay as many service fees as you’re paying right now if there’s a different option available. You hardly ever notice the fees if you make a few electronic payments, but if it’s a different story if it’s your main method of payment.

The Future of Innovation

The future of innovation lies in all-in-one tokenized platforms, with a wide selection of services in crypto and fiat combined.

CoinMetro is one of the innovators. An all-in-one tokenized platform with exclusive features that will transform the worlds of digital banking and crypto trading as you know it. Can we really do that? No doubt. We strive for mass adoption, which means that all our unique products and services will be available for all. A beginner, intermediate, or advanced user? CoinMetro drives blockchain innovation forward, making it simple and accessible to everyone. You don’t need prior knowledge and experience to take your everyday banking to a whole new level. Have a look at our  platform and feel free to play around!

If there are any issues with signing up, logging in, or using the betas, don’t hesitate to let us know!  Get in touch with our super-fast customer support team – the best in the industry – directly or try the live chat feature on our website.

Have a great weekend!

The CoinMetro Team