Huge April Affiliate Promo for Our Community!

We’ve got some big news! As our growth keeps breaking all of the records and we’ve got so many more tricks up our sleeves, we’d also like to appreciate our community with something special. We’re doubling the bonus during our April affiliate promo!

We are doubling our affiliate bonus. Yes, that’s right, doubling!

So this means that when you refer new traders to CoinMetro, both you and your referral receive €10 worth of XCM in your account once they become an active trader*

Start earning now!

We’ve grown so much but we’re only getting started. Not familiar with our affiliate program yet?

No worries at all, here’s a quick recap:


The CoinMetro Affiliate Program

So, what is the CoinMetro Affiliate Program? Only the best crypto affiliate program out there! That’s right, we have the highest commissions and as long as your referrals keep trading, you will keep earning. No limits!

Here’s how it works:


  • *April affiliate promo! €10 worth of crypto for both you and your referral once they’ve verified their account, deposited €50 worth in any supported currency and reached a trading volume of €250. 
  • 40% of what CoinMetro makes on your traders is yours, for life.
  • 10% of what CoinMetro makes on your referrals traders is also yours, for life.

Sounds like a no brainer to me! Want to read more about how all this works? Sure thing, check out our post about the best crypto affiliate program.


Why Promote CoinMetro?

It is about community. Sharing the knowledge, the tools and products people need. We are stronger together than we ever could be alone. We have the highest rated support in the industry with an unbeaten TrustPilot score of a whopping 5.  Try getting Kraken or Coinbase to talk to you live. We really are here for you 24/7.

CoinMetro Trustpilot

We also have the highest commissions in town. The commission is for life and doesn’t even compare to the competitors. And we have special promos and offers for our badass affiliates on a regular basis. As we’re cooking up some big stuff currently, tell the masses, invite your friends. Join us on the journey! And it will be epic.

Whether you’re new to investing, an institutional investor or just want to store and spend your finances. With CoinMetro, you can. We are redefining how people invest, spend and save.

We are traders, investors and crypto nerds. Everything we do, we do it with integrity and transparency. Focused on building products that we want to use because the current market doesn’t fit our needs.


The Future is Bright

We’ve got some great B2B products coming out this year and many more absolutely bonkers announcements coming out very soon. Just watch this space. We’ve already grown at the speed of light, raised more funding and are growing our team – so many brilliant minds have already joined us to help us execute our mission. 

affiliate promo xcm growth

Our token XCM is one of the highest growing exchange tokens this year!

Join us on this wild ride, invite your friends and bag some sweet XCM tokens as a reward. Help us build the future of finance 🙂

Ready to take the plunge and start earning passive income in the highest growing exchange token? Head to our affiliate dashboard!