How We Do Things at CoinMetro


We’ve been sharing quite a lot of content on our blog. Tips for trading, strategies, tools and our views on different cryptos. So, why not mix things up a bit and give you a look into how we work. #insideCoinMetro

The CoinMetro Family – Who Are We?

We’re a jolly bunch of over 30 people from all over the world. That’s right, we’re so into the vision that even our team is decentralised. Covid didn’t bring us down, working remotely has been our reality from the start. 

Headquartered in Estonia, the land of unicorns, our team members are also in Mexico, France, Canada, Hong Kong, Australia, the US and the UK. This means we are literally working around the clock making sure that our systems are running at full capacity and that our client’s needs are met 24/7/365. 


Our vision is clear, creating a better financial world for everyone, not just a select few. CoinMetro believes that collectively we are the future of finance. This doesn’t mean our company alone will change the world, we in this context means everyone, the world is on the cusp of a once in a milenia change in how we define money and who has access to generate wealth. 

This brings us to the next point: 

How Do We Know What the Future of Finance Looks Like and How to Build It?

Our core team’s background is in finance and tech and we made the leap into crypto  because we could clearly see how blockchain would revolutionize our industry and solve lots of the problems traditional finance has been unable to tackle for years.

With social media and social networks now mainstream, the world is becoming more and more connected and crypto brings this connectedness to the transfer of value. This makes money more accessible to everyone everywhere.

Not only can we build communities using ultra connected data networks we can drive wealth creation with ultra connected value networks. 

Kevin, our outspoken CEO, came from a background in capital markets and Forex.  What was lacking according to Kevin was this sense of community and a collective awareness of the lack of access – so he decided to build CoinMetro.

In traditional finance it is usually everyone for him or herself, but by building a community and helping each other we can all thrive. It doesn’t have to be a zero sums game.


How We Create Products?

coinmetro product

We have our processes and structure but we also leave space to be creative and make fast changes. All of our teams work closely together but also own their own projects..

We share ideas, take feedback from our community and then turn them into products and services that people actually need and use.

There is no specific blueprint here. Sometimes the input comes from a business need, sometimes it’s something that our community has suggested, sometimes it is something we come up with in a brainstorming session.

What happens next:


  • Idea
  • Planning
  • Design
  • Development
  • Testing
  • Deploy

Product development is a never ending task but one we relish . We continually review and improve products, iteration after iteration. We are aiming to offer the best user experience in an industry which is in major need of better solutions to reach mass adoption.

We’ve got margin trading, copy trading, token swaps and an exchange with all the bells and whistles. Is that all? Nope. Want to invest in the next unicorns? Find them on our security token platform

In the past year we’ve redesigned our homepage and products, there’s a world of new features and user experience improvements added and we’ve got much more in the pipeline. Our conversion rates keep improving month on month and we keep pushing the envelope..

There’s a local folk story here in Tallinn, the unicorn city that we’re headquartered in, about the Old Man of Ülemiste lake. Every year he comes and asks if Tallinn is ready yet. And every year we respond, no, not quite there yet.

Products can be just like cities – there is always room for improvement and ways to evolve. So, we’ve not reached the final frontier. We will keep building and improving. 


We Put Our Customers First


If you’re trading or buying crypto you’ve almost certainly needed some help at some point along the way. God forbid if it were 2017 and support tickets took 2 months to get a response because every man and their dog were either trying to buy crypto or sell their stash at the all time highs at the time.

We sure did. And we didn’t like it. This is why we make sure our support is timely and personal. We have a very dedicated and hard working team of customer support superstars that are here for you around the clock. They take shifts, don’t worry, we don’t require them all to work 24/7 🙂 

They work hard and they care about solving whatever issue it may be that you are experiencing. Be it getting more info on our products, explaining our affiliate bonuses or resolving an issue with a pending verification. 

Our ultimate goal of course is for the product to be intuitive and work as a well oiled machine so that you wouldn’t have to contact support at all. But when you do, they are here for you.

How We Grow?

CoinMetro Growth

We’ve determined the main channels that bring us growth. We always allocate effort into what we already know works in addition to testing new ideas and campaigns. This is an ongoing process. Try new things, see what works, rinse and repeat.

In marketing there’s usually 2 main channels that work. Once you find these, most of the focus needs to be spent on this, as your main channels will generate 80% of your revenue. But this is not set in stone. 

Approaches and channels and their results change over time. Using the same strategy for years seldom works. This is why we need to keep experimenting.

How it works:


  • Idea 
  • Choose the best channel
  • Calculate potential ROI
  • Create materials
  • Deploy
  • Optimize 
  • Review results

Our user acquisition is a combination of organic and paid strategies. We can pat ourselves on the back a bit as our cost of acquisition is close to 10x lower than the industry average.

We also want to reward our community for spreading the word. As we’ve been affiliate marketers as well, this is a lucrative business, and it should be. That’s why we want our crypto affiliate program to be the best and most generous in the business – because, well, you are doing the work.

We are building strategic partnerships with wavemakers in the industry and finding new ways to collaborate with innovators that we believe in. Coming back to our vision of collectively building the future of finance. 


Always Do The Right Thing


The crypto industry is often seen as something dodgy where people break the rules, launder money, and generally avoid the law.

Yes, there have been instances where unsuspecting people have been taken advantage of, been told false promises and been the victims of  some black hat tactics.

Let’s say that the origins of this industry are not the brightest, but this is seldom the case with any new financial innovation, and the future looks very bright.

We however, believe that regulation is not only needed but that it will in fact help the industry grow. Without it there will be a handful of bad apples that will slow our progress and make it even more difficult to reach our collective goals. We are not trying to get around regulation, rather work with the regulators to develop new and better policies. 

Our compliance team has a strong background and an eye for detail. We are always keeping up with what is required and will make sure we do things right. Every user needs to pass our compliance checks.

And let’s be honest, if you’re honest and trying to use our services, there is no need to get around the KYC. We’re a financial institution and the regulation in place is meant to protect our customers.


We’re Here to Make Crypto the New Traditional Finance

CoinMetro finance

People deserve access to new asset classes, people deserve to have the right to invest their money and not have their profits eaten up by fees. Investments should not be a privilege of the super rich.

Finance needs to be better, accessible and intuitive to use. That’s what we’re aiming for.

Now that you know what we’re all about, why not take a look at what we have here? Head over to our crypto exchange and see what it has to offer!