How do I Get Hathor Crypto?


How do I get Hathor crypto? is a frequently asked question once you’re ready to invest in the project.

Before the HTR listing landed on CoinMetro, the native token of the Hathor Network could only be purchased against cryptocurrencies.

Let’s have a closer look at how CoinMetro has changed the game.

What is HTR?

In this paragraph, we’ll cover the basics of the Hathor token. For all the most comprehensive information about the Hathor Network, please see our latest articles – What is the Hathor Network? and What is Hathor Crypto?

Hathor, or HTR, is the native utility token of the Hathor Network. It grants access to the decentralized payment, contracting, and token issuance capabilities of the network’s technologies.

The circulating supply of the Hathor token consists of mined tokens and released pre-mined tokens.

As to the former – every block on the network generates mined tokens continuously. Miners get these tokens as a reward for keeping the Hathor network secure.

Pre-mined tokens, on the other hand, primarily serve to support the development of the Hathor ecosystem.

Interestingly, one billion pre-mined tokens were created at the genesis block in January 2020. These tokens are subject to the burn, vault, and lock schedule.

Buying Hathor with Crypto

It’s not always possible to buy tokens with fiat currencies. As a rule, you can trade newly listed tokens against other cryptocurrencies.

For instance, once you’ve purchased bitcoin using an exchange, you can then use your BTC to purchase other coins and tokens. Sometimes, you will also need to transfer your coins to another exchange that has the newly issued token you’re looking to invest in on its list of digital assets.

So was the case with Hathor… until recently.

Hathor on CoinMetro

We can’t stress enough how amazing CoinMetro is. Proof or it didn’t happen?

CoinMetro introduced the world’s first HTR/EUR trading pair. 

HTR deposits and withdrawals are now open and another world’s first – the HTR/USD pair – will be added shortly.

As the next step, even more trading pairs will be coming, including HTR/BTC… and we just started with Hathor!

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