Hot Topics in Crypto 2022


2021 was massive for crypto adoption: the crypto sector’s total market cap grew by 187.5%. And the world finally came to realize that the cryptoverse is a thriving kingdom.

Crypto is here to stay. Most no longer discuss it as a bubble but instead make predictions for new trends and important developments.

What are hot crypto topics 2022?


Hot Topics in Crypto: Regulated DeFi

Coinmetro’s Founder & CEO Kevin Murcko along with others initiated the trend years ago, with more and more crypto regulations and regulated crypto-related products and services now surfacing throughout the industry.

Regulated DeFi (also known as RDeFi) is the next frontier that is set to safeguard and boost the crypto industry, building trust in the market and attracting new stakeholders.



Hot Topics in Crypto: Blockchain Gaming

Another hot crypto topic for 2022 is blockchain gaming. A blockchain game is a video game that includes elements using cryptography-based blockchain technologies.

The rapid development of technology led to gaming growing faster than ever before. That’s right, blockchain technology is behind the scenes of the most recent spike in gaming. Why is this? Blockchain gaming allows players to be the main financial decision makers. 

To explain, traditional gaming is centralized, which means that the player’s gaming experience and items are restricted to just that particular game. Contrary to this, blockchain gaming means that players own all the rewards and items they gain or purchase during the game. These can be later sold at various blockchain gaming platforms.

Yes, blockchain gaming also introduced decentralized gaming platforms where players can buy or exchange items because blockchain gamers have real ownership of their in-game assets that are typically represented by non-fungible tokens (NFTs).



The secret ingredient of the blockchain gaming success is ultimately the fair experience. Gamers – and not gaming companies – are in charge of game dynamics, also being able to vote in favor of changes.


Hot Topics in Crypto: Social Utility Tokens

We cannot underestimate the potential of social utility tokens because they have brought a different principle of ownership to the horizon.

Social (utility) tokens are a type of cryptocurrency that is based around a certain brand or community.

To explain, many celebrities, influencers, and businesses use social media and other streams as a monetization tool to generate revenue from their audiences. As a rule, the medium shares the revenue and exerts artistic control over their content.

Social tokens will become the direct link between content creators and their loyal followers, engaging fan bases like never before and driving long-lasting relationships. In other words, creators will be able to monetize their content in many new ways and multiply the audiences, whereas followers will drive the creator’s economy and win from it, getting first-hand access to unique content and experiences.



The hottest topics in crypto 2022 include RDeFi, blockchain gaming, and social utility tokens. Having previously covered some of these topics, stay tuned for more comprehensive pieces on blockchain gaming.


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