Holiday Reading Suggestions: 5 Books on Crypto


Holidays are just around the corner! For many of you this means more time for catching up with reading. Let’s face it – your reading list probably hasn’t gotten much attention in the midst of the pre-holiday rush. We put together a list of five great crypto-related books for you to enjoy. There is something for everyone – whether you are a newbie or a crypto expert, we have a reading recommendation for you!


The Business Blockchain

Our first reading suggestion is aimed at entrepreneurs and executives that are interested in learning about blockchain. The Business Blockchain gives an in-depth overview on how blockchain technology can be applied in the financial sector and how to develop projects based on it. The author, WIlliam Mougayar, is a blockchain researcher and an experienced entrepreneur. The book requires previous understanding of Bitcoin and cryptocurrency technologies, so it is not the best fit for readers who are completely new to the topic.


The Internet of Money

This piece is written by the legendary information-security expert Andreas M. Antonopoulos himself. The Internet of Money skips out on explaining how Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies work and focuses on the bigger picture. Antonopoulos capitalizes on studying Bitcoin’s significance through a series of essays. As the title suggests – he compares Bitcoin’s transformative power to the Internet, and dives into how decentralized technology is changing our approach to solving social, political and economic problems.


Mastering Bitcoin

Continuing with Antonopoulos’ masterpieces – there is no way around this book when covering reading suggestions! Mastering Bitcoin is known as the most famous hard-copy introduction to Bitcoin. The book is suitable for people who are new to the subject and it provides technical details about the Bitcoin protocol. Mastering Bitcoin includes a high level of technicalities and prepares the reader for more advanced materials. As Richard Branson put it: “Read it and get a glimpse into the future!”.


The Book of Satoshi

Are you looking for a history lesson to accompany you during the holidays? The Book of Satoshi takes you back to the moment when Bitcoin was born. The author Paul Champagne combined Satoshi Nakamoto’s writings in order to give the reader an authentic feel of how the digital currency came to life. The Book of Satoshi explores the communication channels that were used during Bitcoin’s early days. As a reader, you are in a way evaluating Satoshi’s sales pitch and get a better understanding of his vision related to Bitcoin. And of course – some hints about the persona behind Satoshi are explored in the book.


Programming Bitcoin: Learn How To Program Bitcoin From Scratch

Our last pick is targeted at aspiring developers! Programming Bitcoin: Learn How To Program Bitcoin From Scratch is a technical book and gives you a unique view on the Bitcoin technology. It covers topics like parsing and validating Bitcoin transactions and using Script. Understanding Proof-of-Work and cryptographic primitives are also at the core of this book. The book is written by Jimmy Song, an experienced programmer and Bitcoin evangelist. If you are looking for some serious educational activities over the holidays – this might just be your pick!


That’s it for this time’s reading suggestions! If you are looking for some more practical activities over the holidays, go ahead and start trading for real on our platforms! If you have any questions about our platforms or CoinMetro in general, reach out to our support team. They are there to help 24/7.