Guest Post: Why I Believe in Crypto


I believe.

I believe in a future where the people of the world can trade goods and services and pretty much anything in a fully verifiable manner without requiring a commission-taking third party.

A future where everyone has full control over their monetary assets without the need for an organisation such as a bank to store or transact it for them.

I believe in a future where every person’s wealth can be used in every corner of the earth, regardless of the country that they’ve acquired that wealth from.

A future where money changers would be an obsolete concept and there would be one single world currency that would unite everyone.

I believe in a future where control over finances is truly decentralized, and is not no longer a plaything for the handful that wield that power.

A future where everyone is their own veritable private bank – a private bank that no one else can alter or control.

I believe in a future where the poor can become rich, and the rich would only stay rich if they have a deserving forward-thinking mindset.

A future where those with old, obsolete ideas about investments and wealth would have to adapt to survive.

The future that I believe in is not what cryptos have created – yet. Indeed, cryptos are nowhere near capable of achieving, to perfection, this picture of a utopia that I’ve painted.  

There is, however, no doubt that cryptos, along with the wider distributed ledger technology that cryptos represent, are the best bet for precisely achieving this utopia.

And so I clasp stubbornly to this thorny rose – my hands bleeding every time the market takes another plunge. With each passing moment, my hands grow weak. Yet, I hold.

Why? Because I believe in a decentralized future.

And this is why I believe in crypto.

by Ben Jones (Cashaa Warrior)

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