Get Paid to Trade With CoinMetro

CoinMetro will show you how to earn more every single time you make a fiat-crypto trade. Without doing any extra work, you’ll get paid to trade!

What’s that all about?

We’re super excited to be launching an amazing campaign that earns you a free XCM every time you make a trade with CoinMetro. That’s right. Some good things in life come to you freely. How?

Getting started

There’s no hidden catch! If you already hopped on board and are a registered and verified CoinMetro member, here’s a how-to:

  1. Make a deposit
  2. Download the CoinMetro SmartApp
  3. Log in to your account inside the SmartApp
  4. Start trading on mobile and desktop to earn free XCM!

As you can see, all you need to do is trade as normal from your account. Simply buy, sell, trade… and earn extra!

Please mind that you can get a maximum of 100 XCM per month – split 50/50 between mobile and desktop.

Good word for KYC

Are you new to CoinMetro or haven’t’ submitted your KYC just yet? Make sure to get KYC verified first to be eligible for participation  in our campaign.

Please check our helpful KYC guidelines to know what’s accepted and what’s not, sign in to your CoinMetro account or sign up if you’re new to upload your KYC documents today!


You don’t get paid to wait, but you get paid to trade on CoinMetro!


The CoinMetro Team