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Why Crypto? The Transformative Power of the Blockchain Economy


Cryptocurrencies have been around since 2008. The last 15 years have been an incredible ride for digital assets and few other technological and financial innovations have had the same trajectory. Some people consider crypto and blockchain-based finance to be “The Internet of Money”. Just like the internet gave instant access to information to almost everyone, crypto can offer everybody equal access to transparent and accessible financial services, regardless of their background and location. 


This new inclusive economic space is already causing significant disruption with traditional financial institutions, who are failing to understand their clients need more than just a bank. Read this blog to find out about some of the simplest and most effective ways to integrate crypto into your life and enjoy the benefits.


In this article you will learn about:


How Can You Benefit from Crypto?

  • Hedge Against Inflation & Recession
  • Personalized, Unique Passive Income Plans
  • Low Fees, Instant Money Transfers


How Can You Benefit from Crypto?

What’s great about crypto and blockchain finance is that it can help everybody. The accessibility and low entry barrier are serving hundreds of millions of people across the world on a daily basis. Here is how you can potentially benefit and earn money with crypto:


Hedge Against Inflation & Recession

Before learning how we can use crypto to protect ourselves against inflation, we must understand what this term really means and what impact it has on society and on everybody’s wallet. 


What good is saving money if that money is worth less and less with each passing year? It’s a bitter lesson we have all learned by now and it comes in the form of inflation – a mysterious economic phenomenon causing governamental currency to lose its value. With inflation, even though you earn the same amount as last year, you will actually hold less value, because as prices rise, you can buy fewer things with the same amount of money.


If inflation is causing money to lose value over time, then how can you protect your capital and investment so that your savings don’t thin out as well? 


While there are several ways to hedge against inflation, none have had such an impactful rise in value like cryptocurrency had over the last years. While fiat currency has continued to depreciate, the crypto market gained significantly, signaling that people are rethinking their economics at the most profound level. Despite volatility, a lot of established cryptocurrencies have gained more and more value in the long term, as people are trying to find better ways to protect themselves against inflation. 


In countries like Venezuela, with severe hyperinflation (average of 3729.91% since 1973) cryptocurrency becomes even more handy for people who don’t want to see their budget amount reduced to nothing because of questionable governmental policies. Other countries like Argentina are witnessing an increasing adoption rate of crypto, with more and more companies and employees choosing to be paid in digital assets so that their monthly income doesn’t depreciate over time.


But we don’t have to look far, because in the last year alone, almost every single wallet on the planet has been affected by the devaluation of their money, as inflation has reached record levels in the last 40 years (USA, 2022).



Personalized, Unique Passive Income Plans

Did you know that decades ago certain banks used to offer an APR (Annual Percentage Return) of around 10% for savings accounts? This number has been consistently crippled across the globe, with most savings accounts now returning around 1-2% APR at best.


However, people are starting to choose something that benefits them more, something they can understand and helps forward their financial journey. With the unique crypto staking solutions available, people can now configure their passive income plan as simple as they choose their internet provider. But beyond being user friendly, a good crypto passive income solution makes a difference where it matters most – in your pocket. 


Did you know that you can benefit from an APR (Annual Percentage Return) as high as 12.8% when staking crypto on Coinmetro? Read more about how we created some of the most sought-after passive income plans in the crypto industry: 


New Staking Programs – More Income Streams are Now Available


In a similar fashion, with MARs (Multi-Asset Rewards), we wanted to give you a solid opportunity to set up your investment so that your money works for you. Even while you sleep! Recently, we added ADA, LTO, KSM, DOT, XTZ and MATIC to MARs, giving you the opportunity to earn and diversify your portfolio with other crypto assets at the same time:

MARs Update – Your Favorite Staking Program Just Got Better


Low Fees, Instant Money Transfers

Nowadays, the traditional banking system acts as a middle man, meaning all money you send and receive goes through the banking organization. This adds unreasonable fees and delays. With some exceptions, today people can not easily send money directly to each other internationally. 


Those exceptions include the crypto space and other fintech solutions that allow people to instantly send money to each other. It is rather hard to believe that nowadays you still have to wait 2-3 business days for an international transfer to arrive via traditional banks. It’s important to realize that this is not happening because of a lack of technology and solutions. It is rather an intentional loophole the banks have created. 


In countries like Nigeria – a leader in crypto adoption rate, more and more people are using crypto and stablecoins to send and receive money directly – without delays and without having to pay high fees with every transfer. This is giving people significant freedom and leverage whereas the local banking system is failing them, not being able to provide financial services in-tune with the modern user.



The Transformative Power Of Crypto

At this point in time, only about 5% of the global population holds crypto assets. The best is yet to come, as the global crypto adoption is gaining momentum with each passing month, despite the on-going bear market. With this, there is a lot of education that needs to be done. People need to become knowledgeable and aware of how the blockchain economy can positively impact their lives. With this, the expansion of crypto is actually revealing something more profound about our society: 


⚠️ A lot of people don’t understand the traditional monetary system either… and this one has been around for quite some time. ⚠️


But this will be a topic you can enjoy in the next iteration of our Financial Competence blog series. So keep an eye on our Learning Lab to stay up to date with all our educational content.


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