Exclusive XCM Opportunity is Coming Feb. 20th!


The start of 2022 has been intense, yet very exciting! Positive internal changes at Coinmetro have placed many exciting new projects in the pipeline!

We haven’t been able to communicate as much to our community as we would ideally want. We’re doing our best to improve processes in order to get back to providing you with roadmaps, teasers and other tidbits of information.

We could have done better in terms of expectation management and sometimes it may seem that we have not always delivered on our promises.

Finding a balance in sharing and being transparent, as well as not giving away too much detail because of the nature of our business, is something we are learning to improve every day.

Exclusive XCM Opportunity

Between all the “wens” and “soons,” we have come up with a surprise that we have been working on for the past few weeks.

This is a time-sensitive opportunity that will only be available for people who are part of our Coinmetro verified-customer-only Discord.

What This Isn’t

  1. This is not the announced Tokenomics update.
  2. This is not an increase in staking limits.

What This Is

  1. An exciting opportunity bringing an opportunity to XCM hodlers, other than staking or keeping it idle in your account.

Keep an eye out on our platforms as we’ll be sharing more information in the next days!