Ethereum Co-Founder Leaves the Crypto World


Being an early investor in Bitcoin and a co-founder of a major cryptocurrency are two massive achievements, or one great example of foresight which led into a massive achievement, whichever way you want to look at it!

Not only is anyone who can lay claim to still being a cryptocurrency mover and shaker after all these years someone who is very likely to have made huge steps in shaping the DeFi world, but is someone who the entire cryptocurrency should metaphorically salute when he bows out.

And bow out he has done. Today, Anthony Di Iorio, the Canadian entrepreneur who co-founded Ethereum, has publicly made his decision to leave the cryptocurrency world.

His reasoning may appear a bit bizarre, however now aged 48 and having made his mark, Anthony Di Iorio has decided that his personal security is precious and is ready to give up a life of being flanked by security guards everywhere he goes, something that he has done for the past five years.

Let’s have a look at Anthony Di Iorio’s achievements.

Unlike some of the young geniuses who have been instrumental in the development of cryptocurrencies and their related technologies, Anthony Di Iorio comes from a more institutional financial background. In January 2016, Canadian equities, fixed income, derivatives, and energy markets exchange operator TMX Group hired Anthony Di Iorio as the first chief digital officer of the Toronto Stock Exchange.

In February 2016, just one month after joining TMX, he then made his splash in the innovation side of cryptocurrency, with the launch of Jaxx, a unified platform that provides wallet services for both Bitcoin and Ethereum. He left his position at Toronto Stock Exchange, part of the TMX Group, to focus on Jaxx, and he is the founder and current CEO of Decentral Inc, which develops Jaxx.

Other innovations that he has been involved in include the development of a ratings system for initial coin offerings and attempting to unite various cryptocurrencies into one financial ecosystem, and he is considered among the top twenty richest cryptocurrency people globally.

Maybe his security concerns are enough for him to throw the towel in, however there is more to it than that.

As a co-founder of Ethereum, which is now the world’s second most popular cryptocurrency after Bitcoin, along with seven others including Vitalik Buterin in Switzerland in a rented house they called the “spaceship” in 2014, he has a very important legacy.

Although, it is telling that he no longer works on the blockchain, neither do the other co-founders. In fact the only original founder of Ethereum who is still working on its development is Vitalik Buterin.

Oddly, Anthony De Iorio has said that he wants to sell his current venture Decentral for fiat money rather than crypto, and that in his opinion cryptocurrency only represents a small bit of what the world needs.

That is not shared by his followers – Ethereum is gaining massive ground, has a current market cap of $221 billion, and is continuing to get the attention of the core investors especially given its smart contract capability and the latest developments that we reported on last week in Layer 2 DeFi technology.

It’s huge, therefore Anthony De Iorio’s part in fomenting the success and versatility of digital currency should be celebrated.