DNA Token Swap


You may (or may not) be aware that EncrypGen recently did a token swap for their DNA token. Let us give you some info about it and tips on what you need to do.


When Did the DNA Token Swap Happen?


Here’s the announcement from the EncrypGen team:

11796105 is the ETH cut-off block for old DNA. Your DNA at that point is the measure for new DNA. Stop trading. Hold in your Ethereum wallets NOW. The swap will take some hours to complete. We will alert you of the new contract address and decimals as soon as we can.


So, if you had your DNA in either your Ethereum wallet or on the Gene-Chain (where it will be locked for a week or more) by noon UTC Friday Feb 5. Stop trading, drain liquidity pools by that time. State of the chain at noon UTC Friday is the state of the chain for the swap. 

DNA trading is now live on CoinMetro! Make sure you deposit the new token.


What Do I Need to Do to Get My New DNA Tokens?


You need to add the new token address to your wallet. It’s pretty simple, no need to stress. If you had your DNA tokens before the swap they will be credited instantly upon adding the new token address.


Here is the new DNA token contract:


What you need to do on most ERC20 compatible wallets is:

  • Click “Add token”
  • Insert contract address for DNA – 0xef6344de1fcfC5F48c30234C16c1389e8CdC572C
  • Add decimals: 18


Here’s How to Add DNA on Metamask


Step 1:
Click on add token
DNA token swap

Step 2:

Choose Custom Tokens. Add the token contract address, token symbol and decimals.

DNA token swap

Step 3:
Confirm and add tokens. If you already have new tokens to be credited, this will happen automatically.

DNA token swap add token

So, this is pretty straightforward, works pretty much the same with other wallets. For info on how to do this on MyEtherWallet, see this support article.


Want to know more about DNA and EncrypGen? Read more in our article on DNA token.

Are with us on the belief that DNA is awesome? Jump on CoinMetro and trade DNA now!


Happy trading!