DNA Token Listed on CoinMetro


What, you say? We’re listing another token? Is this one going to take off as well? Well, we do not have a crystal ball, but we do choose them carefully. So, without further ado, let me tell you a bit more about our new hot listing: the DNA token!

About the listing 

We will offer DNA/ETH and DNA/USD trading pairs with a view to add additional pairs as demand grows. Deposit with SEPA or Instant Payments in the UK. US clients have access to ACH payments, so you have a simple way to buy and trade DNA. 

From day one we will support limit orders, this way we can build up the book organically and once there is sufficient liquidity, there will be market orders across all pairs. We are in discussions with the team and market makers to provide enough liquidity and we expect there to be a reliable and stable trading environment within a matter of weeks.

Why are we listing the DNA token? 

Putting your DNA on the blockchain? Why would I want to do that? Rather simple – science needs you! Scientific researchers and pharmaceutical labs are in need of a diverse sample of genomic data. You can get paid for helping researchers find better treatments and cures for diseases by sharing your DNA test result. 

On the flipside you may need DNA data. DNA data buyers can customize filtered searches from a diverse sample of de-identified genomic profiles and buy DNA data directly from the data owners. Learn more about becoming a Gene-Chain DNA data buyer.

The team is excellent and their vision could be world changing. We can tackle the biggest public health issues such as cancer. Sharing scientific data in a secure and transparent way is important for progress. Here’s where blockchain technology can do a lot of good.

So, if you believe in the future of what EncrypGen are doing, makes sense to keep your eye on the DNA token.

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What is the DNA Token?

You can use the DNA tokens to buy DNA data. Bitcoin (BTC), DNA tokens and soon other cryptocurrencies may be used to purchase genomic data and other DNA products and health related services in the Gene-Chain Marketplace. 

DNA tokens are an ERC-20 based cryptocurrency available on numerous crypto exchanges all over the world and exchangeable for Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH) and several other altcoins.

So, if you’re in the business of buying DNA data, I’d also stock up on DNA tokens. You can buy DNA tokens on CoinMetro exchange!

A Deep Dive into EncrypGen

EncrypGen’s Gene-Chain uses a blockchain to help privately store users’ genetic data and associate it with user- supplied metadata such as that collected by genetic testing companies so that users can store and sell their de-identified data directly to researchers in exchange for DNA, a cryptocurrency they can then exchange for money.They have built their platform to keep your data safe and allow for a safe data exchange between parties.

Encrypgen offers an extensible survey system for researchers to expand upon user-submitted profiles, allowing the most flexible data-gathering mechanism, anonymized by their blockchain and identified at sale. Users of genetic tests are already generally allowing their data to be sold to the tune of hundreds of millions of dollars and usually not getting much for it if anything at all. The Gene-Chain disrupts the current monopolistic markets owned by the testing companies, and for the first time allows individuals to profit directly by the sale of their data for use in science.

Where is the project and the DNA token now? 

Key Facts

  • In May of 2017, the team demoed a prototype at the Bio-World IT conference in Boston, MA.
  • They interact directly with customers, without the use of any intermediaries.
  • As of 2019, they’ve achieved a user base of about 1100 who have uploaded 767 files that have been purchased 175 times for an average of 15 USD each.
  • Founded by a bioethicist/author of Who Owns You? (Dr. Koepsell) who fought for a decade for rights to genetic data, and a practicing genetic scientist, Dr. Vanessa Gonzalez.
  • Hosted the worlds’ first blockchain-based sale of genetic data in 2018 using our currency, $DNA.

Scientists need lots of data to develop new medicine, treatments, and even cures. Genetic data that people acquire through over-the-counter, recreational genetic testing (like 23andMe or Ancestry) can be used to help benefit scientists. In fact, most people who have done those tests are helping science if, like 80% of users) they “opt-in” to use the data for science. 

But those companies sell user data not only for their own profit, but at monopolistic prices. Science will work better when a free marketplace of genetic data not only allows individuals to profit from the sales of their data but also if the prices for data allow more scientists to access de-identified data for their research at non-monopolistic prices. 

The Gene-Chain can revolutionize genetic science and our approach to user data in general, making individuals the benefactors, getting paid directly for their data, and benefitting all of us in the process by opening up science to more researchers. Studies have shown that if users of genetic testing companies had been paid directly for the use of their data by researchers, they would have made well over the costs of the tests. The Gene-Chain serves as a model for medical data ownership, control, decentralization, and equity in distribution and payment, allowing for the first time for people to earn money for the use of their data for science and medicine.

Want to know more, check out this video on their plans and mission.

EncrypGen Fundraising on CoinMetro!

Went through the materials and feel that the DNA token and the EncrypGen project is indeed incredible and want to be part of their success?

Well, guess what? They are fundraising on CoinMetro!

At 10 Euros per bond token, with a minimum investment of 10 tokens, you can become a transformative part of the next wave of data ownership and individual profit for health data. 

Their funding goal is $1,500,000 which allows them to take this to the next level.

Interested? Don’t miss out! Invest in EncrypGen on CoinMetro!