Discord Pre-Launch Contest Day 2 of 7


We have been overwhelmed with responses to our first Pre-launch Discord Lobby Contest and are super happy with your participation and engagement. The submission deadline for yesterday’s contest is today at 21:00 UTC, there is still a bit of time left to submit a response if you have not done so yet.

How Can I Enter the Day 2 Contest?

We are looking forward to receiving your submissions for today’s contest, which you can also find in the same announcement channel. Yesterday was a matter of luck, or maybe premonition if you are clairvoyant. Today is about creativity!

Are you curious what today’s contest is? Make sure to join our Pre-launch Discord Lobby and hang around with your fellow Coinmetroids whilst we are preparing to launch our official Discord on February 1st!

Wishing everyone good luck and a lot of fun in the contests. If you are not already a Coinmetro user, you can signup here.

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