Discord Contest Winners, More to Come


We are incredibly happy with the success of our Discord Launch. We started our Pre-Launch campaign on January 25th, leading up to our official launch on February 1st.

With more than 3300 people in our public Discord and more than 1200 in our Coinmetro verified- customer-only Discord, as of writing, our expectations have been more than met.

If you have joined our Discord, you have probably noticed the contests that we have been doing. We would like to give you an update on the past week’s events.

Discord Launch: 500 winners!

As promised, the first 500 people who joined our Coinmetro verified-customer-only Discord are now part of the “XCM Eleven”!

The Discord filled up really fast and the first 500 have been credited with 11 XCM in their account.

Pre-Launch Contests

We have done a total of seven pre-launch contests, six have yielded results and the winners have been paid and emailed. The final contest, “Guess the Next Listing on Coinmetro”, has yet to be determined.

For the guessing or one-answer contests, we have been making use of random number generators to pick a winner.


Day 1: Guess the XCM Price in EUR on February 1st, 12:00 UTC.

Three people who were closest to the price, €0.5744, have won 111 XCM each. An email has been sent and the XCM has been credited to their accounts

Day 2: Send Creative Ideas for Contests.

We initially decided to choose 11 winners. However, with so many incredible submissions, we ended up choosing 33 winners instead. Those were chosen manually based on creativity of ideas, possibility to implement them and originality.

Some of the ideas shared:

“Write a catchphrase for an XCM superhero (XCMan?)”

“Share the goals & dreams you intend to build with the support of your XCM gains! The most interesting or inventive ideas win.”
”CoinMetro investor day/costume party. Everybody dresses up in CoinMetro theme”

Day 3: What was Our Most Searched Article in 2021?

The article ”What are the Fees on Coinmetro?”, which has been viewed 26763 times, was the most searched article in 2021. The three winners, who have been randomly chosen, have received the 99 XCM in their account.

Day 4: What was One of Kevin’s Favorite Movies When He was a Kid?

Spaceballs was one of Kevin’s favorite movies as a kid, which he talked about in a recent AMA. From the winners, we have randomly chosen seven who have won 44 XCM each.

Day 5: Send Your Alternative Names for “Coinmetroids”

We have received some amazing, creative ideas and many of you also expressed that Coinmetroids shouldn’t be changed. As of yet, we have not decided whether or not we will change, but your ideas have been inspiring. One winner has been chosen and won 88 XCM. We have filtered on originality and creativity and from the shortlist the winner has been chosen at random.

Day 6: Meme, GIFs and Emoji Contest

This is one of those contests we would love to repeat over and over again. We absolutely love the creative souls in our community and we would like to share some of the winning submissions. We have chosen six in total who have won 99 XCM each.

For more submissions and the other winners, go to our Discord Join the ⋐ Coinmetro Discord Server!

Make sure to turn on your notifications when we mention @ Coinmetroids in the Discord, so that you will be notified about all important information.

After-Launch contests

The After-Launch contests are still on-going so make sure to join today!

We love the submissions we are receiving, we love your involvement and we love to engage with our community members.

On February 17th, we are organizing our first LIVE event in Rotterdam, the Netherlands where the music collective Club Nomad will be doing a DJ stream from 18:00 till 21:00 UTC. We are looking forward to seeing you there and having our first Discord party together. Discord – A New Way to Chat with Friends & Communities

You can subscribe to the event by clicking on it at the top of the category list so that you will get the notifications once we’ll go live.

We are planning to organize more of these and other type of events, from live music to gaming, to other fun things. If you have any ideas, we would love to hear from you, either in Discord or any of our other official channels. Be careful to communicate with our official channels only. Unfortunately there are a lot of scammers impersonating our brand, our staff and even our community members and we want everyone to be safe.