Did You Know These 5 Facts About CoinMetro?

1. Our Headquarters are in Estonia

Although our team is spread across the globe, CoinMetro’s HQ is in the medieval capital of Estonia – Tallinn. Yes, that is supposed to be spelled with two L-s and two N-s (fun fact, Estonian is considered the hardest European language to learn).

Why Estonia? It has a favorable regulation and some great FinTech and crypto brains. It’s the birthplace of Skype, TransferWise and Bolt and tech startups have left a supportive legacy here – IT and finance are the most populars curriculums to study in universities.

2. We have a Chief Happiness Officer(s)

We’re talking about dawgs. We have two of them running around the office daily and making sure everyone is happy. Yeah, working in crypto can get stressful, but all of our worries disappear when we get to play fetch with our CHO-s. Their working contract involves around the task of “keeping positive vibes ratio to the max”.

3. There is a CoinMetro crypto gate at the airport of Tallinn

We set up an insanely cool expo at the airport of Tallinn last December. Gate number 5 is dedicated to all-things-crypto – you can take a virtual ride on a train, wait for boarding in our comfy purple and yellow chairs, explore our coin machine, crypto game and of course, stay up to date with the prices of crypto assets. Have you already been there?

4. Our CEO has a personalized meme collection

In case you haven’t seen it yet, we have an impressive collection of memes featuring our CEO Kevin Murcko on our Instagram page. These masterpieces are all made by our amazing community. If that not enough of a fun fact for you, then hear this: Kevin also has a selection of the memes framed in his office.


5. We host polls every Tuesday

As you already know, we love staying in contact with our community. In addition to the weekly AMA’s with Kevin, we also host a poll every week on our Twitter. What do we ask our community? Anything ranging from “which song title best describes the current crypto market” to “what do you think about stable coins”. Check out our current poll and let your opinion to be known!

We hope you got to know us a little better. Now that we’re passed the small talk, you’re welcome to take a look at our platforms. You can first try out our Demo platform without even signing in. If you like it, you can decide to sign up and go through KYC – we will give you 20 XCM after your first crypto-fiat trade as a welcome gift! In case you have any further questions about our platform, our support team is available 24/7 on Telegram to help you out.