Crypto Tokens With Most Upside Potential in 2021

The cryptocurrency market has had a wild ride in 2020. Bitcoin ended the year at $30,000 per coin after plummeting to lows of $6,000 and is still climbing! The price of one bitcoin at the time of writing is over $40,000. So, let’s take a look at crypto tokens in 2021 to keep your eye on.

Currently, institutional investors and business executives are rushing to invest in Bitcoin to hedge against an uncertain global economy.

Ethereum, on the other hand, has had an even bigger comeback from its lowest price this year below $150 to current highs above $1200. For crypto traders proficient in swing trading in volatile markets, 2020 offered the biggest opportunity for buying low and selling at all-time highs.

Altcoins and tokens have also had a good year, especially with the rise of tokens such as DOT and LINK that rallied to the top ten in a matter of months. If you are an avid trader, looking for the next big cryptocurrency to invest in this coming year, look no further than the listed tokens and altcoins on the CoinMetro exchange.

In this post, we will highlight some of the best crypto tokens in 2021 with a special mention of how you can use our XCM token to get the most out of your trading.

Polkadot (DOT)

Polkadot’s DOT token is a crypto token to watch in 2021 as it is backed by one of the most promising blockchain projects. Polkadot is set to revolutionize the crypto and blockchain industry through an open-source multi-chain protocol that is set to enable interoperability between Blockchains.

The project will rival Ethereum as the ultimate DeFi protocol with its sharding mechanisms that makes it possible to develop various decentralized applications (dApp) with real-world use cases beyond the blockchain and cryptocurrencies world.

By creating a platform that enables permissionless sharing of information (both between private and public Blockchains) Polkadot is creating the future of the internet which will be comprised of a decentralized network of dApps. With more adoption considering the applicability of Polkadot’s protocol, the DOT token has the potential to skyrocket to unimagined heights and beyond taking the first place among the crypto tokens in 2021.

What’s more, CoinMetro plans to list Polkadot in 2021.


Chainlink is working closely with Polkadot to ensure seamless communication between Blockchains and other programs that don’t use blockchain’s programming language. At its core, Chainlink is the oracle that translates blockchain or on-chain data to an off-chain format that can be understood by other programs. In return, Chainlink’s oracles translate off-chain data to a format that can be understood by smart contracts on the blockchain.

Through a network of nodes that collect and translate this data, Chainlink can collect, aggregate, and analyze data for smart contracts. Just recently, Chainlink partnered with Google Cloud to enable developers to build applications on top of the open-source platform. As the Chainlink protocol expands, the LINK token (Chainlink’s native token) is set for a bull run.


And last, but certainly not least, our own platform token XCM. It has risen nearly 4x in the last month only, at the time of writing priced over $0.11 per token.

All of the fees on CoinMetro are transacted in XCM, plus we’ve got more token utility coming in 2021 such as staking and much more, read all about it in our roadmap.

So, as the use of CoinMetro grows, so does the price of our token. We ended 2020 with staggering 20x growth and 2021 we’ve already exceeded the total revenue of November in 2020! We’ve got liftoff and nothing can stop us now. Come bag some XCM and join us for the ride.

How to profit from these tokens

Apart from the tokens mentioned above, upcoming coins such as BAT and Enjin Coin also offer an opportunity for profit considering current trends worldwide and the value that these coins represent.

On one hand, BAT is setting up the browser of the future where you as the audience is rewarded for the attention you give to advertisers online. This empowers users to decide when to give up their personal data and ultimately get more value from the sale of their personal data to advertisers.

Meanwhile, Enjin Coin is riding on the growing gaming market and offers game developers an easy and simple way of tokenizing in-game items. Considering the fact that the gaming market is projected to surpass a valuation of $200 billion by 2023, an investment in the right in-game token could have a huge upside.

You can take advantage of these and many other coins by trading or buying them on CoinMetro while using the XCM token to get a discount on all trading fees. You can also lock XCM in a rebate tier and get paid maker fees while receiving back a portion of your taker fees with every trade.

Disclaimer: Trading cryptocurrencies is risky and may result in losing some or all of your capital. This is not financial advice. You should always do your own research and never trade with more money you can afford to lose.