Craziest NFTs in 2021


Are you tired of us saying NFTs, and what are NFTs? Don’t be. This is a short and fun read about the craziest NFTs out there in 2021.

So, what are the names everyone should know this year?

Why have NFTs exploded in 2021?

Non-fungible tokens, or NFTs, are a recent mind-boggling phenomenon that became mainstream in 2017 thanks to CryptoKitties and exploded in March this year when Beeple’s creation Everydays: The First 5000 Days sold at Christie’s for an unbelievable $69 million. Can you believe that the winning bidder received a digital token instead of an actual piece of art?

We’ll keep the explanation short and sweet.

NFTs are digital tokens with unique properties, which make them as singular as they are. These digital tokens grant the buyer ownership of digital artwork. To learn more about non-fungible token definition, don’t miss our latest blog post.

Can anyone else download or copy the same piece of artwork? In fact, they can (and most probably will), but the point is that they don’t own it. Something happens when you feel ownership, don’t you agree? Something like buying Jack Dorsey’s first tweet on the Twitter platform dated March 2006, for $2.9 million. It said, “just setting up twtttr.” Not bad.

You Won’t Believe This

Let’s get down to business, and have fun with the craziest NFTs in 2021. Ready, steady, go.

365 Days of Recorded Farts

This is the craziest thing you may have heard this year.

Alex Ramirez-Mallis and his four friends recorded their farts from March 2020 to March 2021 – for a WhatsApp group chat. Then, they compiled the farts into a 52-minute audio file. A top bid amounted to $183. Not interested in buying this volume? Don’t worry. It’s also possible to buy individual farts for $85.

CryptoPunk #3100. $7.6 million (4,200 ETH)

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? Neither. It’s a CryptoPunk – out of many – that sold for exactly $7.6 million.

Wait, What?

Another eye-watering NFT was sold by rapper Azealia Banks to artist Rulton Fyde for $17,000. Can you guess what it was? A sex tape sold as an NFT.

This is a never-ending story, it seems. The buyer has since relisted it for sale at $260 million. Quite a profit if he gets his asking price…

Selling Random Things

Taking pictures whenever you feel like it? Don’t stop. You can turn it into an NFT later. Just like this next New York Times reporter.

Kevin Roose sold an image of his column about NFTs for $560,000.

More Weirdness?


Earlier this year, masked men set a Banksy print on fire somewhere in Brooklyn and livestreamed it on Twitter to turn the work into an NFT. A company called Injective Protocol bought the print for $95,000 to destroy and replace it with a digital copy. 

So, has anyone bought it? Amazingly, yes – for $382,336.

Back to Earth

The NFT market exploded in the crypto scene like a nuclear bomb. If you feel like you don’t want to hear anything about NFTs ever again, we should say that it’s not just about crazy random buys.

The NFT technology has many use cases that represent innovation and potential.

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