CoinMetro’s XCM Is Here!

CoinMetro’s XCM hit a milestone on 8th of February! This is when we launched our exchange token – XCM – with a load of super incentives to help you get involved, including commission-free XCM/EUR trading for the whole of February AND up to 20% discount on commission fees across all pairs!

* This article has been updated. XCM  is the token of the year! So keep reading how we’ve done since then 🙂

What is XCM?

XCM, or COIN, is an ERC-20 utility token and the native token used on the CoinMetro exchange and trading platforms. All services on these platforms are paid for in XCM.

XCM is exclusively available on the CoinMetro exchange platform and all of the one services we offer via these platforms is paid for in XCM. So, it’s a super important token, with a super important purpose!

Why should I buy XCM?

The #1 benefit of owning XCM tokens is trading on CoinMetro, of course! This is the platform token about to take off alongside CoinMetro.

There are also additional benefits, which include:

  • Earning rebates on trading fees when locking XCM;
  • Additional bonuses and discounts on token sales on our security platform;
  • Many more utilities coming for XCM such as staking. Watch this space!

Users are able to lock XCM for participation in IEOs and gain early access to platform features, any flash sales or big events.

XCM holders can lock in XCM to join one of three tiers that offer a wide range of benefits. Holders will earn from an increased maker bonus when using maker orders (limit orders that add liquidity). The maker bonus is paid from the gross taker fee — taker pays 0.1% and maker earns up to 0.05%. The benefits also include earning rebates on taker fees paid and getting increased interest in any staking rewards.

In order to open a copy trading account, we require managers to lock up a minimum of 10,000 XCM. This ensures that they have exposure to XCM and act in good faith, as well pushed demand for XCM to start earning as a copy trade manager.

I think I need more than that!

CoinMetro has grown 60x in January 2021 compared to January 2020. In addition to this you’re probably already aware that we’ve also sold out our CoinMetro Bond offering and raised €2.5M to further fuel our growth.

Now as XCM, our platform token is what fuels our platform, naturally the demand for XCM is rising rapidly as well. XCM has moved from €0.03 to hitting €0.58 in December 2021.

We’re growing in all areas and CoinMetro’s XCM is growing with us.

XCM Vaulted as of February 2021

3,013,417.2715 XCM

Your next step

With all the good news and the benefits, it’s almost impossible not to be excited, don’t you agree?

Jump on this journey with us, trade on the best crypto exchange and bag yourself some hot CoinMetro’s XCM tokens!

If you have a CoinMetro account already, sign in, deposit, and buy some XCM. If you need an account, sign up for a FREE one.

Start trading today!

The CoinMetro Team