Coinmetro’s Official Discord is Here!


After an incredibly successful pre-launch campaign , our official Discord server is now active. We had more than 2000 submissions to our contests with more than 2300 members who joined the Pre-Launch Discord Lobby, so the past seven days has been nothing short of outstanding!

To celebrate our launch, we are awarding a total of 5500 XCM to the first 500 people who connect their Coinmetro account to our Discord! In addition, NFT artist and Coinmetro partner Jim Livingston will create 10 unique NFTs that will be awarded to 10 lucky winners from the first 1111 people who connect their Coinmetro account to our Discord! 🥳

The official Discord is only accessible to our verified customers, so if you haven’t signed up, please signup here.

Check out the launch video with our CEO Kevin Murcko over on YouTube

If you are already a Coinmetro customer, make sure to join our Discord. Head over to “Join-Now” and click on the link to connect your Coinmetro account to your Discord account. For your information, the connection is one-sided and Discord does not have any access to Coinmetro whatsoever.

… you now have access to the Coinmetro “Customer-Only” Discord Server!


Have a look around, explore, ask questions and have fun! We are looking forward to embarking on this new adventure together with our community 🚀

Discord After-Launch Campaign

We have been absolutely overwhelmed with the amount of submissions to our contests and the amount of members who joined us 🤩

We would like to extend on our pre-launch campaign and have decided to launch XCM FEBRUARY 😎🤩

Throughout the whole month we will be organizing contests, games, streams and other activities to hang out and engage with our community 🥳

Make sure to keep an eye out on our socials and our Discord announcement channels to stay up-to-date with the latest and new channels!

On our Twitter we will also continue with our XCM giveaway so make sure to check it out here



Terms & Conditions

By participating in this campaign you agree to:

  • One submission per person per contest.
  • Each participant can win only once in the after-launch campaign.
  • You are a verified Coinmetro customer.

In case you are not yet verified, but are in the process of being verified, you may be eligible for a prize once your KYC has been fully completed. In case your verification is rejected for whatever reason, Coinmetro reserves the right to pick another winner.

We announce the winners on our social media and/or other related Coinmetro platforms.

Join our Discord server now!

Don’t miss out on the launch celebration with our team and community, see you soon!