CoinMetro’s Brand New, Intermediate Exchange View


Excellent news! As you may have already seen on our Telegram channel, we’re super-excited to present a mockup of our brand new, Intermediate exchange view, developed from the beta-group feedback we received after launching the V1 and V2 Exchange concepts a couple of weeks ago.

CoinMetro’s Intermediate Crypto Exchange View

CoinMetro’s Intermediate Crypto Exchange View

To clear up any possible misunderstandings, this new view is just a mockup, at this stage. An animated HTML version should be available to our beta-testing group later this week, with a fully-working closed-beta version (hopefully) released to our beta testers at some point next week.

We will, of course, notify you of all the future updates and developments, so keep an eye out for them!

Intermediate Exchange Features

This Intermediate exchange view brings you the following new features:

  • A new UI color set that we hope you’ll like;
  • A new layout with improved controls;
  • A stripped back, minimalistic design approach – less is more!
  • + some other new elements that we’ll leave for you to discover yourself…

CoinMetro: Crypto for Everyone!

As you know, CoinMetro is all about simplicity and offering easy access to Crypto for all, regardless of their level of knowledge and experience. We plan to offer 3 unique views – a basic exchange, this Intermediate exchange, and a more detailed trading view, for the pros! Users are able to select the level that they’re most comfortable with and go from there.

We always love to hear from you. Remember to keep in touch if you have any comments, suggestions, or concerns!

See you around!

The CoinMetro Team