CoinMetro Updates: April 2019


April 2019 CoinMetro updates all in one place – today’s blog post!

What a busy month it’s been, stuffed with amazing news.

Have you become our Ambassador yet?

Why are we so excited and all-over-the-place about our Ambassador Programme?

The best thing is that you earn commission not only on your direct referrals but also on referrals of their referrals! You can earn a total of up to 23% commission from your referred clients depending on your level of influence. In other words, you get so much more… for the same effort.

What’s even more, we offer a monthly prize pool – 2% of all Ambassador commission. This month, we’ve chucked a whopping 15,000 XCM just to sweeten the deal! Ambassadors earn one ticket for every five active direct referrals (i.e., direct referrals that place at least one fee-incurring trade that calendar month). Each Ambassador can earn a maximum of 10 tickets… Getting referrally with it!

The Raffle draw will be held on the first Monday of each month – for the previous month – and winners will be contacted by email.

Become a dedicated member and spread the word about CoinMetro! Encourage other crypto enthusiasts to sign up and start using our amazing products and services – and win big with us.

How to become an Ambassador? To participate in the CoinMetro Ambassador Programme, you will need a CoinMetro account. If you don’t have one, you can create one for free; and complete our simple KYC process.

Once you’ve done this you can log into the Ambassador Platform, where you will see your unique identifier code (UID), or Username and accompanying URL. You can use this URL anywhere you like, directing your audience to sign up with CoinMetro and use our services.

XCM giveaway is back!

Still need to (re)submit your KYC and become a fully verified CoinMetro member? Perfect timing! Starting this week, we’re launching another round of our cool XCM giveaway.

The applicable conditions are exactly the same as last time: you need to submit your KYC, get verified, make a deposit and at least one Fiat to Crypto trade. BUT unlike last time, once verified, you will get 20 XCM absolutely for FREE! The more, the merrier!

Log in to your CoinMetro account, if you already have one, or sign up to create one if you’re new!


The CoinMetro Team