CoinMetro Token – What Makes It Great


It’s time to focus on our very own CoinMetro Token – XCM! You have most likely heard about XCM, but we have many cool facts in store for you. Let’s have a look at what the CoinMetro token is and what’s so great about it!

CoinMetro Token – What is It?

Let’s start with the basics. XCM, or the CoinMetro token, is an ERC-20 utility token. It is the native token used on the CoinMetro crypto exchange and trading platforms. All service fees on our platforms are paid for in XCM. Your XCM tokens can be safely stored in your CoinMetro account, but it is also possible to withdraw your XCM to any ERC-20 compatible wallet.

What Can You Do with the CoinMetro Token?

So, why did we create the CoinMetro token? Essentially, its purpose is to offer benefits and value to CoinMetro users. We are continuously expanding the use cases with all of CoinMetro’s existing and upcoming products. So, how does this value proposition translate into reality?

CoinMetro token is integrated into all of CoinMetro’s products and services. Our token is tied into every transaction and interaction that occurs on the exchange. This is a massive factor for creating sustainable growth and demand for XCM. We are continuously working on ensuring there is value in holding and utilizing XCM.

XCM broadens your trading opportunities by a mile. You can use it on our crypto exchange, copy and margin trading and on our digital securities marketplace. Let’s have a closer look at each of these. 

Copy Trading

Although we are currently at the peak of the investment hype, only 1% of all users on crypto exchanges practice active trading. The remainder buy assets and do not follow up on any actions. This is because they lack the skills and do not have a risk management system. However, there is a small portion of pro traders with extensive experience – allowing them to manage their risk and end up in profits. This is what copy trading is all about.

Copy trading lets newbie traders pair up with pros. Any action taken by the experienced trader that is being copied, will also be directly executed in the copying trader’s account. The copying trader has the ability to disconnect copied trades and manage them independently or close the copy relationship. 

Copy trading is done on our copy trading platform. That is a place that connects expert traders to users looking to copy the cryptocurrency trading strategy of the experts. The users have access to the trade history of experienced traders and they can choose to allocate a portion of their funds to the trader they find reliable. XCM helps facilitate copy trading. All of the fees are collected in XCM. This means that as the usage of copy trading increases, so does the demand for XCM. 

Margin Trading

Margin Trading is another product of ours where XCM plays a crucial role. The essence of crypto margin trading does not differ from traditional margin trading. Traditional markets fund margins by using an investment broker. In crypto, this is usually done by other traders. Their motivation is to earn interest on the funds they borrow for margins. In some rare cases, the exchange is the party that provides margin funds to traders.

In practice, a trader first needs to invest a percentage of the total order when making a margin trade. The initial funds are called margin. Now, the trader will choose a leverage. AKA, the ratio of the borrowed funds. Exchanges have limits for margins to keep all parties safe. The leverage limits depend on the exchange. 

CoinMetro offers a margin trading platform with a 5x leverage and a great user interface. Similarly to copy trading, all fees are collected in XCM. This boosts the adoption and demand for the CoinMetro token even further. 

Digital Securities Marketplace

In addition to copy and margin trading, we just released something groundbreaking. We are talking about our security token platform where you can invest in STOs, bonds and digital assets.

Digital securities marketplace is not a new concept. Even though there’s been talk about it for 3 years, no one has yet cracked the code and launched one that does it all. Partly, because the securities sector is subject to many regulations. CoinMetro’s aim has always been to work together with regulators instead of against them. “Trust is a big issue in STO adoption. Regulators think that the best way of protecting investors is to stop them from investing. We all know that prohibition doesn’t work. People will always try to find ways to surpass barriers. This is why we are working with regulators rather than trying to find a way around it.” – Kevin Murcko, CEO of CoinMetro.

This will make investing into securities easier than ever. We have already built a cryptocurrency trading platform that makes crypto investments easy and accessible for everyone. So, we wanted to do the same for securities. We took our learnings and built a securities marketplace that is accessible, convenient and functional.

What’s In Store For CoinMetro Token?

So, you now know what XCM is all about. We also told you about CoinMetro’s product offering. But the story doesn’t end there. CoinMetro is not just building another functioning crypto platform. 

CoinMetro’s Future

Our mission is to engineer tomorrow’s solutions to solve today’s financial problems. We take the innovative and alternative and make it traditional. This is closely tied to our vision of engineering tomorrow’s solutions to solve today’s financial problems.

Think of us as the conduit by which technology breathes new life into traditional finance. We bring the future back to the present by redefining money and how people interact with it.

Our approach is focused on going local to go global. This means that we are building fiat on and off ramps to crypto and various digital assets. We always make sure we adhere to the regulations in the countries we are providing our services and keep adding new fiat currencies to make the process seamless for our customers. Being able to buy crypto with your native currency will increase crypto adoption and this is exactly what we are working towards.

What About New Products?

We are constantly working towards improving our service offering and adding new currency pairs. You can expect to hear some exciting news around our security token marketplace very soon. The CoinMetro bond and Tangible are already specified on our securities marketplace. Head over there to get acquainted with the projects early on!

Now that you know all about the CoinMetro token, why not start trading it? Head over to our crypto exchange and see what it has to offer!