CoinMetro – the Uber of Crypto?


With the advent of new financial technologies, banking as you know it is being redefined. Blockchain is the innovation driver in the world of financial technologies and payments. CoinMetro is the Uber of Crypto gateway to that world.

What is CoinMetro, Again?

CoinMetro is an all-in-one tokenized platform with exclusive features that will transform and democratize the crypto space. We drive blockchain innovation forward, making it simple, available, and accessible to all.

For Beginners

We always emphasize that CoinMetro is for all, especially, if you’re just starting out in the world of crypto. Whatever your prior knowledge and experience, the CoinMetro platform is the perfect place to start.

Are you looking to learn about crypto and put that knowledge into practice straight away? Our Crypto Academy has everything you need to know about crypto and blockchain. We understand crypto, simplifying every aspect of it and opening it up for everyone to get involved. Our unique and comprehensive cryptocurrency educational programme builds on that by helping you learn what blockchain is, how to buy Bitcoin, decipher some of the most useful terms in crypto – and tons more!

Can Your Other ICO Do the Same?

The CoinMetro concept is based on unique products and services. These exclusive features are Tokenized Asset Management, Electronically Traded Crypto Funds, and ICO Express.

Tokenized Asset Management (TAM)

TAM is an easy and fun way to partner up with a professional trader to potentially get profits.

The idea is based on the highly successful managed account model designed and implemented by the veteran members of the CoinMetro team at our strategic partner FXPIG. This will give any crypto enthusiast an opportunity to work with a professional trader to grow their account and, potentially, profit.

If you can afford to invest, but lack knowledge or skills, TAM is a reliable and potentially profitable solution. You choose how much you want to invest and the manager to work with from our pool of available managers. Your manager takes over the trading part in exchange for a reasonable commission based on their performance. The best thing is that you can stop any time, but why would you if working with a professional trader is a win-win for everyone? You have a result-driven manager who is your most reliable partner and harvest potential rewards.

Electronically Traded Crypto Funds (ETCFs)

ETCF means that our team of professional investors hand-picks baskets of digital assets and groups them into an ETCF. With one click, you can diversify your portfolio into multiple tokens through an ETCF.

ETCFs are designed to make it easy for users to diversify their portfolios and to provide liquidity to new tokens that enter the CoinMetro marketplace, working in tandem with our ICO Express platform. In addition to being able to diversify into specific industries, like the Internet of Things (IoT), finance, or healthcare, our users will also be able to invest in a fund based on its risk profile. Not happy with just a fund? We can even offer you social media influencer scores of tokens grouped inside a fund.

CoinMetro’s team of pros goes through and picks out promising projects in a bunch of different categories and groups them into ETCF baskets using a variety of metrics.

ICO Express

CoinMetro aims to offer a powerful turnkey ICO (Initial Coin Offering) Express solution that will give vetted ICO’s access to transparent and secure funding rounds. CoinMetro’s team of senior engineers will formally review all aspects of token sale proposals, including project feasibility, idea novelty, financial justification, and legal compliance. It is our intention that approved projects will have access to CoinMetro’s complete Token Express Platform and a dedicated support team.

Through our proposed interface, users will be able to issue tokens and ICO contracts using input parameters. Tokens issued through CoinMetro will be liquid and immediately tradable on the CoinMetro exchange following the token sale. The ICO Express platform will also offer an automatic smart contract mechanism capable of creating smart contracts and deploying them on the Ethereum, NEO, and NEM blockchains. It is also proposed that the Token Express Platform will offer the option of including a client’s token inside CoinMetro’s ETCF board when launched.

There’s More!

Of course, there is. To provide our users with instant access to their CoinMetro wallet balances, we plan to offer a number of CoinMetro debit card variants.

With these cards, which will be tied to unique IBANs, you will be able to withdraw cash instantly at ATM locations worldwide without the need for moving funds onto the card beforehand!

We hope our unique concepts and exclusive features have excited you enough. We’ll keep some of the other things that are coming soon secret for now… to add to the excitement. Stay tuned!

Questions, Suggestions, Ideas?

All are welcome. Get in touch with our friendly customer support team directly or try the live chat feature on our website. You can also comment in the section below. Let’s start a discussion!

The weekend starts now!

The CoinMetro Team