Coinmetro Drives Digital Finance Revolution Rivaling TradFi


Cryptocurrency investment and technological advancement is often associated with new generations of people, and is viewed as a futuristic series of developments which will form the financial, trading and investment world to come.

The reality is that cryptocurrency and its infrastructure is already a vital part of the transformation from a traditional, analog bricks-and-mortar financial system to a totally new borderless digital one.

Fully regulated and licensed cryptocurrency exchange CoinMetro was established by senior executives from the financial services industry and has, from the outset, been focused on looking closely at the financial services that are currently in place for every member of society and offering a better, more efficient and modern alternative that will power the people into the future.

In Estonia, CoinMetro’s native homeland, a large proportion of the public is looking to move savings and investments from traditional methods of saving.

Pension funds are being withdrawn in relatively large numbers, and loans are being taken out by middle aged, middle class Estonians who are investing the proceeds in digital assets.

Data obtained by CoinMetro has shown that there is an expected 1 billion euros in pension withdrawals expected to take place in Estonia between now and the end of September this year. That’s just three weeks!

Estonia is the most digitally advanced society in the world, and its population are ahead of the curve when it comes to going about daily life with most activities now operated from smartphones and via cloud-based internet services rather than the traditional pen and paper.

Estonia leads the way in digital transactions – everything is online

Estonians are so familiar with doing everything digitally in a nation in which taxes are completed online in under 5 minutes, 99% of the Estonia’s public services are available on the web 24 hours a day and nearly one-third of citizens vote via the internet, that the natural step forward is to move away from the shackles of the old analog financial system and into digital decentralized finance and cryptocurrency.

Being the first nation to provide a full set of regulations and licensing to cryptocurrency exchanges, Estonia has shown its people that they have every reason to be confident in the future of digital financial services.

Estonia has an entire generation which has grown up knowing that people can communicate digitally with schools as the country has an e-school system, with doctors via the country’s e-health system and having full trust and transparency in online services.

CoinMetro is YOUR go-to platform for business and personal transactions

CoinMetro is part of this digital revolution, and was born in Estonia to give the Estonian investing public a trustworthy, fully regulated multi-faceted cryptocurrency venue from which they can approach every area of financial services.

CoinMetro is Estonia’s most trusted cryptocurrency exchange and is 5-star rated.

CoinMetro supports credit card transactions, and is able to provide comprehensive services to retail consumers and businesses alike.

Estonian businesses can use CoinMetro for every aspect of their commercial payments, remittances and settlement requirements, as CoinMetro offers business accounts for small to medium sized enterprises (SMEs) to hold treasury in cryptocurrency, as well as helping businesses to grow by offering a crowdfunding solution for Estonian businesses.

The company offers the perfect platform for wealthy individuals and business owners from nearby nations such as Finland who travel to Estonia for business purposes, further demonstrating CoinMetro’s intrinsic value within Estonia.

Estonians are moving away from legacy systems en masse, and into the new world of digital finance

Traditional banks with their legacy method of underwriting for business loans are passé, and almost all business finance these days is conducted by crowdfunding and fintech firms. Estonia’s digital-savvy business world knows this and therefore CoinMetro’s crowdfunding solution is an ideal companion for businesses operating in the country’s truly advanced digital society.

CoinMetro was founded by a suite of professional senior executives with extensive expertise in the electronic trading and capital markets business globally, and therefore its core principles have been established by experienced financial sector executives who understand the need for fully regulated, properly licensed frameworks for every innovation within the financial sector, as well as being at the top of their game when it comes to innovating new and life-changing methods of accessing the financial services system globally.

This foundation means that CoinMetro’s leadership is based on providing a full spectrum of financial services to mainstream audiences, and places the company as the only digital asset exchange which is able to serve a national audience in its native homeland for every aspect of their financial services requirements.

CoinMetro is currently in the process of rapidly expanding its team and its operations, with many current vacancies available for roles within the company’s Tallinn headquarters.

It’s time to join the digital finance revolution, and that revolution starts with CoinMetro.