CoinMetro Secures Funding Round


As the title suggests, we have a very exciting announcement to make – CoinMetro has just closed a funding round of €1.44 million! We have been working very hard over the last 2 years to showcase the value that CoinMetro, crypto and tokenization in general, bring to the traditional financial system. These ongoing efforts have started to pay off – our business has proven itself to be promising enough to have secured funding of this magnitude at an otherwise turbulent (read: bearish) time in crypto.

We are more than thrilled to tell you about the new opportunities this brings to the table and how we plan to move crypto forward, so keep on reading!


What Are The Details?

You might have already heard about our plans to raise a new investment round during the AMA sessions with our CEO Kevin Murcko. We officially closed the deal at the end of November and the involved group of investors is enthusiastic about how CoinMetro is shaping the tokenized asset industry. They believe in how we are building our business – providing the public with tools to participate in the evolution of finance while being fully regulated. The investors resonate with our mission and want to be part of the next phases of expansions. We are keeping close contact with the investors for future developments.


Next Steps In Moving Crypto Forward

So what’s in the agenda in terms of putting the funding to work? 

Our main goal over the next 2 to 3 quarters is to reach self-sustainability. In order to achieve this, we will focus on user acquisition – afterall the value in fintech, right behind the code, is the user base. Based on our current per-user metrics, we are targeting 70,000 active users. An active user is someone who generates revenue on a monthly basis. We also project a tangible increase in profitability per user as we release new products such as TraM and margin posting. 

Plain and simple – we plan to accomplish everything stated in our original whitepaper. This means building auxiliary products around the exchange. We intend to have our challenger banking facilities live, meaning you will have the ability to move funds between third parties and between other users. As an additional benefit we also plan to integrate merchant payments so that businesses can easily accept crypto payments but be paid in their local fiat currency to avoid FX risk due to volatility. The launch of TraM (trade mirror) is iminent and some exciting new XCM utility possibilities are just around the corner. Further details will be released soon.

Another important aspect we are focusing on, if not the MOST IMPORTANT, is hiring. We are enthusiastic about onboarding new members to help reach our goals. We have built CoinMetro with a rather small team and we’re now looking to expand across several departments. This is a good hint for anyone who would like to be part of one of the fastest growing crypto companies!


Join Us On Our Journey!

Thank you for supporting us throughout our development! Now that you are up to date with our ambitions – it’s time to take the next step and become a CoinMetro Ambassador. We’re looking for enthusiasts to sign up and spread the word about CoinMetro, to help even more people benefit from our great platforms. And guess what – you can earn up to 23% commission from your referred clients and participate in our monthly prize pool! Tell your friends and find more info from our blog post.

Are you a crypto wizard on a job hunt? Make sure to keep an eye on our Careers page as we will be publishing new job ads across several departments very soon! And if you haven’t already – then sign up or log in to check out our amazing platforms!