Coinmetro Raises Limit on Margin Trading Collateral!


We’ve strengthened the margin trading platform by increasing the max collateral allowance up to 25,000.

Max Collateral Boost

Margin trading at CoinMetro just keeps getting better! After recently adding PRQ & QNT margin trading, we have yet another update to announce. The previous max collateral allowance of €10,000 has been raised to €25,000.

This update comes at the request of many of our most active traders. So not only does it remove restrictions & support our users, but it will also bring new traders to the platform. CoinMetro has seen continued growth & maturity, and we’re now a great place for an even wider range of cryptocurrency traders. Anyone from a crypto newbie using the swap widget, all the way to a professional trader leveraging clients funds, will feel at home with CoinMetro.

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What is Margin Trading Collateral?

Honestly if you’re asking this question, this max collateral update is simply not for you. Margin trading is high-risk and for advanced traders only. Before jumping in, please make sure you’ve done proper research and are aware of the risks.

If you’re interested in learning more about margin trading, we invite you to check out the help articles below, and join our wonderful community on Telegram for help as well! Our CEO Kevin Murcko is always happy to answer any questions you may have.

What is Margin Trading?

What is Collateral?