CoinMetro Q1 Progress Report


CoinMetro has kicked off the year at a blistering pace with massive growth already. But now we have even more exciting news so we wanted to update everyone on where we stand right now!

Check out our Q1 Roadmap.

Business Development

We’ve got a lot of updates to share, but let’s start off with the most exciting developments and a BIG announcement.

Additional funding secured!
As many community members and CoinMetro followers may be aware, we are seeking to secure an MTF license. In order to begin the application process there is a minimum capital requirement. We raised €2.5 million to start the year during our bond sale, but this was earmarked for operational costs, marketing, growing the team, etc.

The CoinMetro Bond was oversubscribed as new heavyweight investors joined in, so we decided it was time to ride the momentum and secure more funding with straight-to-equity deals. While looking to raise €1.5 million, we ended up with interest for over €3 million in additional funding! The €1.5 million required for the MTF license has been confirmed and we expect to see the rest finalized by the end of the month.

This would leave the company with over €5 million on hand to hire a team of big hitters, develop new products, massively increase marketing budgets and ensure we take CoinMetro to a completely new level.

And yes, the valuation of CoinMetro has increased since the bond! More details on this soon. 

EMI License
In addition to the MTF license, we’ve already started the process of securing the license to become an Authorized Electronic Money Institution. This incredible news will open us up to offer a world of new services.

New B2B services for Legal Persons KYC
This is a very big update which creates another revenue stream for CoinMetro! It’s a mature service that will place us many levels above the competition. This is due to be released in the next week. 

Collaborations to be announced
A very large and fast growing German challenger bank will be using our API to provide crypto services for their massive user base. Collaborations with other companies are in the works as well.

Hiring across multiple departments to scale up
New hires are starting next week, plus lots of interviews happening and very exciting times internally. 

UI/UX Updates

There is major development going on to improve the design & user experience across the entire platform.

Portfolio Tracker in the dashboard
Designed and deploying in March. This is a highly anticipated update and we’ve had hundreds of requests for this feature.

Markets page V2 & voting for listings
This new look will be rolling out in March with the ability for the community to vote on new listings.

Improved CSV’s and Statements
Deploying at the end of February and will help our users to calculate taxes and use services such as Koinly.

New navigation bar and menu (including mobile)
Looking great in design and will be implementing in February. This will help consistency across the platform.

Update to the SWAP widget on the dashboard
Expected in March, looking beautiful. It’s the first task for our talented new designers.

Improved Portfolio tab on dashboard
We’re adding asset prices and better data displays. Expected mid March. 

New Email templates & funnels for users
Keep an eye on your inbox for improved emails this month. 

New mobile app designs will be shared with BETA testers
At the end of next week we’ll invite some community members to help testing and review the progress

New Exchange Features

We’ve got some very exciting additions coming to our various platforms that will improve an already great trading experience.

New Liquidity Provider!
HUGE HUGE news! A game changer! Liquidity has been our biggest pain point and we’ll roll this update out over the next week.  

Secondary market for trading Tokenized Securities
Ready to roll at the end of February.

More assets on our Margin Trading platform
PRQ + LINK + many more!

Listing new assets
Regular listings on the way! ALBT, OCEAN, HTR… you’ll be able to decide! 

Rebates and Staking designs are coming
We have shared some points with the community for some healthy discussion. We look forward to unveiling this update to the XCM Ecosystem. 

New projects in the Securities Marketplace
A very exciting project is launching early March… not to be missed!

Sign Ups & Security

We’ve been working to provide additional security for our users and improve the onboarding experience. 

New 2fa update
This is already live. Setup notification triggered by first deposit to ensure all active clients are protected.

New settings page with added security features
Really great update for usability with setting preferences and increasing security. Ready to roll in March. 

Improvements to KYC for individuals
We’ve continued to perfect this process from user feedback and it should greatly improve conversions. Targeting late March for release.

New log in/sign up pages and popups
We’re in the testing environment just days from release! This will streamline the customer experience for our new signups as well as keep branding consistent across the website and various platforms. 

New landing pages for XCM + Affiliate + Assets
Rolling out during Feb/March.

Affiliate Program update
Update deploying next week. This is huge as organic traffic is enormous from our wonderful affiliates.

As you can see we have A LOT going on around here! The team is very excited and working hard to meet our lofty goals. Get ready to see CoinMetro reach new heights this year!