CoinMetro Now on Quantower!


We’ve yet got more great news for you. Smashing the start of 2021 straight out the park: CoinMetro is now on Quantower! What is Quantower and why are we here? Keep reading to find out.

What is the News?

You can now connect your CoinMetro account to Quantower trading software. Quantower gives you extensive trading tools using multiple brokers and data providers. 

Quantower can propose a high-grade price analysis and order management tools in one place. Among the most demanded features are the Charting panel (with various drawings, indicators, and Visual trading option), Market Depth, DOM Trader, Order Flow Surface, and Advanced orders & positions management panels. 

Additionally, any Quantower user will benefit from synchronous connection possibility, allowing data analysis from several various exchanges at-once and in one place. For example, You may simply compare the BTC price movement on CoinMetro and other exchanges. Seek arbitrage opportunities and more.

This is a great update for our pro traders as well as Quantower customers trading crypto as CoinMetro blows all the other exchanges out the water with our lowest fees and fiat options.


What Can I Do on Quantower?

Quantower boasts quite the functionality. There’s 40+ trading and analytical panels that can be used to trade on Forex, CFD’s, digital assets, and cryptocurrencies.

It is incredibly customizable: every trader has their own preferences on what their workspace should look like. You can make it your own and it’s easy to use.

They also support open C# API & integration with major IDEs.

Create your own functions: from indicators and strategies to custom panels and connectors.

Trade all assets in one place. Want to trade all the major cryptos + the hottest altcoins hand picked by us? Have margin trading with 5x leverage? Paired with the ultimate trading tools and customizable views? You got it.

And this is not all, they’ve got much more in the works, check out their roadmap.

We Love Quantower

Great team with a bright future ahead of them. We’re glad to announce this integration and expect this to be fruitful for us all!