Coinmetro Newsletter May 2022


Challenging Times and Even Bigger Opportunities

There could not have been a better moment to introduce the first outing of the Coinmetro newsletter. Why? Because right now we’re dealing with a double-edged situation that needs our full attention and awareness. We are in a full bear market and we need to learn how to navigate this period not only by protecting our investment, but also by taking advantage of what’s happening. And for that, we have some exciting news to share with you. Hot on our plate right now is the “15 Weeks of Summer” campaign which will introduce new listings all summer long. Let’s find out what is happening and how you can positively edge the markets in the following weeks.

Bear Market – Friend or Foe?

We must begin by addressing the elephant in the room. We’ve been in bear market throughout the month of May and as the dust settles after the initial plummet, it leaves room for discussion and planning ahead. As always, bear markets come together with a strong pessimistic hype carried out by media outlets, politicians and other actors in the space. Thus it becomes hard to understand what’s happening and even harder to plan our next move.

Bear markets are a natural phase in any financial market. A moment where “…assets return to their rightful owners” – JP Morgan. What does that mean? Ask successful investors with decades of experience and they will all say the same thing – bear markets are a bliss because you can buy assets at a discount. Do you think entering the market at a historic peak is a good idea? How about buying at a much better price that would benefit you in the long run?

Right now the markets are down due to several reasons that are all interconnected: political instability and turmoil, raised interest rates, inflation. While nobody can act as Nostradamus and perfectly time the markets (run in the opposite direction when you come across such characters) we will say just this: bear markets have happened before and will happen again in the future. When they occur, we must learn to take advantage. When the market starts climbing again – will you be in a position to profit? Learn to think long-term and you will reap the benefits.

15 Weeks of Summer Campaign

In compensation of the current market conditions we are rolling out the best investment opportunities to fight fire with fire. The markets are down and in the meanwhile we are already embarked on a fruitful campaign where we will be regularly listing new coins and tokens until September. Now is the time to diversify your portfolio and acquire positions at a fraction of the cost. The window of opportunity presents itself and we must learn to take advantage.

Week 1 – Fireblocks Integration

In our first week, Coinmetro integrated Fireblocks – the #1 Institutional Custody Platform and also the one with the most integrations to Crypto/Defi. Thousands of crypto, Web3, and digital asset businesses use Fireblocks software and APIs for custody, to manage treasury operations, access DeFi, mint & burn tokens, and manage digital asset operations. Fireblocks also offers an incredible array of integrations with liquidity partners, and we see great value in harnessing all of these services for Coinmetro users and clients. Read more about Fireblocks and 15 Weeks of Summer Campaign.

Week 2 – Cardano (ADA) & Polkadot (DOT)

Two of the most successful crypto assets have made their long-anticipated debut on our platform this week. Cardano and Polkadot are two tokens that need little introduction. For beginners and experienced traders alike, ADA and DOT are well-known names that have been shaping the blockchain and crypto space for the better. Since their initial launch, both assets have been hovering near the top of the list in terms of market capitalization, bringing much value to investors and traders who included them in their portfolios. Read more about ADA and DOT!

Both EUR and USD pairs are now available on our exchange!

More established crypto assets will be hitting our exchange soon, alongside some really special projects that are instrumental to the metaverse / Web3 space and eSports industry. Also, you will soon have access to tokens related to payments technology and even decentralized social media platforms.

We won’t stop at that however. We have already scheduled new staking opportunities and more monthly XCM Utility updates to further diversify your portfolio. Summer plans have never looked so good! Stay close so you can find out about all additions and take advantage as they become available.

Words of the Month: Economic Togetherness

We have chosen “Economic Togetherness” as a term we would like to further develop and talk about. What does it mean? How does it affect you? Why is it important?

We believe in an economic climate where everybody can have equal opportunities and benefit, regardless of their background. Having success does not have to be at the detriment of others. Our crypto exchange and financial products are designed with the wider optics – as an inclusive environment where all people can participate and reap the benefits, while together we grow and foster a community of changemakers.

Through our weekly AMAs, Discord and Telegram channels we are carrying out an ongoing fruitful dialogue with our ever growing community. In doing so – we find out what works for you and what doesn’t and we are continually making changes so that we become better. Your feedback is an important part of our development as a company, as we’ve been a people centric organization from day 1. We invite people to rate assets and have more experienced traders share their knowledge and action plan so that everybody can learn and take advantage.

That’s what we mean when we talk about “Economic Togetherness” – a community of people where everybody is acting towards the greater good so that everybody can benefit. We Are All Going to Make It!

Quote of the Month

“Growing fast is easy, but growing with quality is the challenge.” – Kevin Murcko (Founder & CEO)

Taken from one of the recent AMAs with Kevin Murcko, the quote came as Kevin was talking about the development of Coinmetro as a company. The saying beautifully showcases our effort here at Coinmetro – what we do is not a sprint, but rather a marathon. Moreover, this ethos is equally important for one’s development as a trader and investor.

We must learn to think long term and put quality in everything we do. Only then will we be reaping the real benefits. The quote also speaks about the period we are now traversing. For that – we strive to offer both education and valuable information as well as inspiration and meaningful crypto products for everybody to benefit.

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