Coinmetro lists WHL – WhaleRoom


We are excited to announce the listing of the WHL social token! Coinmetro will be the first centralized exchange to make it available for trading. We will offer the world’s first USD and EUR pairings for the WHL social token.

WhaleRoom – WHL is an ERC20 token on the Ethereum network. It was previously only available via Uniswap, but now everyone can trade with low fees on Coinmetro! New users can signup here.


New Trading Pairs: WHL/USD and WHL/EUR

For now, we will offer limit orders only while organic liquidity grows.


Why have we chosen to list the WHL Token?

We’ve met with the WhaleRoom Team on multiple occasions and believe in the uniqueness of the platform combined with their passion to make it a great success.

The presentation of the WhaleRoom platform demo by CEO Chris Defour was amazing. It was very professional with an equally pleasing, modern design. We also caught a glimpse of some future platform designs and ideas which we believe we could integrate with, and create a powerful connection which also offers value to our Clients.

Additionally, in true Coinmetro fashion, WHL has a very low market cap (at the time of writing just $8.4mil). In this instance, due to the fact WhaleRoom offers a tangible platform offering which fits with our user base, we believe the value will also come from access to their platform.

They held a fair token release, meaning no ICO/IEO, but the token was listed directly on Uniswap. 100% of the initial supply was added to Uniswap (1mil WHL: 0.69ETH) with the initial liquidity locked for four more years on This approach was not only unique but created a fair market for all those genuinely interested in the platform and community. This level of transparency in the crypto space is highly relatable for us at Coinmetro, and reinforces our interest in supporting WhaleRoom and the Team.



WHL Details

Date of Coinmetro listing: 20 Jan, 2022 @ 13:00 UTC

  • Listing Price – $8.42
  • Market cap – $8.4mil (at time of writing)
  • Currently ranked outside top 1000 on CoinMarketCap
  • Max Supply – 1,000,000 WHL
  • Non-inflationary. Meaning there will never be any more WHL tokens in circulation.
  • WhaleRoom Website


We look forward to working more closely with the WhaleRoom team, expanding offerings with new pairs and placing WHL on our SWAP widget. Most importantly, having a connection between our platforms and seeing how the synergy evolves.

Ready to start trading? Sign up now or head over to the exchange!