Coinmetro is Heading to Discord!


With the celebration of our soon to be launched Discord, we’re giving away more than 10,000 XCM!

You are already welcome to join our Discord pre-launch “Lobby”, the launch will be on February 1st and our verified clients will gain full access to all public channels! On January 25th, we’ll begin posting daily Discord Pre-Launch contests.

To help us spread awareness, check our Twitter to participate in a giveaway for a chance to win 111 XCM.

As some of you may know, Telegram has been the main outlet of communication with our community on a daily basis for over 4 years. Some members even created a channel with some of Coinmetro CEO, Kevin Murcko’s voice messages answering personal queries from our growing community.

Since the beginning, our Coinmetro community has been a key point of focus, because our clients are why we do what we do.

Having seen the explosive growth on all metrics in 2021, we have also seen our Telegram community expanding rapidly. This makes us extremely happy, but it has also brought some challenges.

If you are in our Telegram and ever asked a question, you may have experienced one of these challenges: one or more scammers approaching you via a private message pretending to be Coinmetro support.

Above, you can see an example of how a private message from a scammer might look.

As a standard practice, Coinmetro does not reach out to you privately on Telegram and we do our best to remind users of this on a daily basis.

We have an amazing 24/7 live support team that is ready to answer your questions, either by going to our website or sending an email to

Another aspect of the scammer issue is we have seen that the growth in our Telegram channel has made it less accessible to convey and share information we would like to share with you.

Since we want to continue serving our community to the best of our abilities, we have decided to expand our reach by creating a Discord channel.


Why Discord?

If you are an active crypto user, you have probably seen Discord being used in one or more of the projects in which you are engaged. With the current platforms available, we believe Discord is the one that can help us serve our community to the best of our abilities.

sneak preview of our Discord channels

By opening our Discord only to verified Coinmetro customers, we wish to provide you a safe space to mingle and interact with fellow community members. Making the Discord private and accessible only to our customers gives us some advantages, one of them being accountability of behavior, which will completely reduce scammers.

Note: you will be able to change your nickname in case you would like to stay anonymous; your account will be linked to the back-end of your Coinmetro account and personal details only accessible as per our Terms of Service.

In anticipation of the launch, we are starting with our pre-launch Discord giveaway campaign, where every day you will have the opportunity to grow your XCM bag by participating in our contests. That’s not all! After our launch, we are continuing with our giveaway contests and you will be able to find them on our Discord server.

Make sure to join our pre-launch Discord server


Terms & Conditions

In anticipation of our new Discord server, we have launched a contest where you can participate in some playful games to level up your XCM bag

By participating in this campaign you agree to:

  • One submission per person.
  • Each participant can win only once in the pre-launch campaign.
  • You are a verified Coinmetro customer.

In case you are not yet verified, but are in the process of being verified, you may be eligible for a prize once your KYC has been fully completed. In case your verification is rejected for whatever reason, Coinmetro reserves the right to pick another winner.

We announce the winners on our social media and/or other related Coinmetro platforms.

Join our Discord server now!

Don’t miss out on the launch celebration with our team and community, see you soon!