CoinMetro is a Trusted and Safe Exchange


The fintech industry is growing by the day, with new trading options sprouting like mushrooms after the summer rains. Choosing a crypto exchange can become a real challenge. CoinMetro is a trusted and safe exchange.

Is this exchange what I’m looking for? Looks like I’ve found exactly what I need, but is this broker safe to trade with?

Whether you are a beginner or a professional, CoinMetro is a great option for all of your trading needs. Most importantly, it’s legit.

Let’s see why CoinMetro is different.

Compliance and Regulation

We care about regulation, and so should you. The crypto players who try to avoid it by all means need to be rooted out. Why?

A compliant and regulated crypto exchange means ensuring protection of the customers’ funds. No matter your financial situation, you don’t have time and resources to invest into a potential scam. Or risk your funds being involved in illegal activities for that matter.

The CoinMetro blog explores common crypto scams should you be interested.

That’s why we need more exchange platforms like the legit CoinMetro – trusted for being fully regulated and licensed. As a result, our every user can be sure they’re trading safely and legitimately.

Our Licenses

To be able to legally provide fiat to crypto exchange services and e-wallet services, we secured relevant licenses from the Estonian Financial Intelligence Unit.

This was Coinmetro’s first pair of licenses, enabling the company to operate under Estonian law and attract customers from around the globe. The licenses also provided a framework for establishing robust checks for Anti-Money Laundering (AML), Counter Terrorism Financing (CTF), and Know Your Customer (KYC).

Most recently, CoinMetro has obtained an Electronic Money Institution license by the Bank of Lithuania.

Up next, we’re planning to obtain further licensing to be able to provide an even wider range of solutions. Stay tuned for big announcements!

Established Procedures

Here at CoinMetro, verification procedures are an integral part of daily operations. These include AML, CTF, KYC, and KYT (Know-Your-Transaction).

What are the verification processes for?

First, it’s for the sake of our customers’ safety – to prevent identity theft and financial crime. A verification check allows us to better know our customers and manage risks accordingly.

Equally important, a digital exchange with established verification procedures has a greater potential to start successful collaboration with the banking sector. Why if the crypto industry is about decentralization?

As a matter of fact, many digital exchanges are struggling to get a bank account to simplify global financial operations. In turn, banks are struggling to trust digital exchanges in terms of KYC and AML. This is where verification practices and transparency come into play.

24/7 Support

There are more reasons as to why CoinMetro is a trusted and safe exchange – our customer service. The CoinMetro support team is the industry’s best, and available round the clock.

Whenever or whatever problem you may have, you can contact us in real time at your earliest convenience. We promise to help you within minutes.

Hop on Board

Ready to jump on in? Feel free to give our demo platform a shot or sign up today to start your safe journey as a crypto enthusiast.