CoinMetro in the Press


CoinMetro and the crypto press have been good friends for a long time. As much as CoinMetro is covered in the digital press, our blog posts are also widely quoted and reposted.

Today, we invite you on a fun tour of the websites and magazines that have written about the one and only CoinMetro.

Press Coverage in Estonia

With its headquarters located in Tallinn, CoinMetro was first mentioned in Estonian press when we acquired cryptocurrency trading licences in Estonia earlier this year.

The second wave of media coverage in Estonian press came when our brilliant campaign launched in autumn. Basically, it included posters moving crypto forward, disguised as typical political campaigns of the local parties. Handy for us, Estonian elections are coming in spring 2019, and, yes, political campaign simulation is legal… in case you were wondering.

Finally, the most recent coverage in Estonian press includes news about our very own gate at Tallinn Airport.

The CoinMetro Team has also appeared in a number of articles in Estonia’s biggest online business and financial magazines. Here’s one of them. *

*All the articles in Estonian press are currently available only in Estonian.

International Press Coverage

CoinMetro also has a name in international press. Kevin Murcko and several members of the CoinMetro Team made it to the news years ago, working on FXPIG. They’re been in the spotlight ever since the successful launch of CoinMetro.

Here are some good reads for you available online

CoinMetro’s Blog Revisited

Our blog seems to have grabbed the attention of two massive crypto resources.

The first one is Crypto Buzzing that started reposting our blog posts only recently. The second one that has been following us for quite some time now is Nakamoto News.

Have you come across any other resources writing or posting about, quoting CoinMetro or Kevin? Be sure to let us know either in the comments section below or by contacting our amazing customer support team who’ll get back to you in a flash!

Enjoy your weekend and keep your eyes open on Monday as the big news is about to drop!

The CoinMetro Team