CoinMetro in 2019


2019 was an unforgettable year for CoinMetro – full of learning, growth and new initiatives. Now that the year is officially over, it’s time to reflect and look back at everything we accomplished. We couldn’t have done it without the help of our supporters – thank you for sticking around! We are beyond excited to see what’s next on our journey!


XCM Was Launched

February kicked off with a long awaited announcement – XCM went live! XCM is an ERC-20 utility token and the native token used on the CoinMetro platform. This was a breakthrough for us, as the token became exclusively available on our exchange platforms and it was integrated into all of our services. Launching our native token was only the beginning – as the year advanced, XCM started seeing further utility across our platform. More on that later.


Ambassador Program Went Live

We launched our Ambassador Program to connect CoinMetro enthusiasts around the world and to spread the word about our products. Community has been at the core of CoinMetro from the start – so we figured, what better way to increase our reach than by engaging our members? We didn’t have to regret this decision, as the Ambassador Program has been a success. Shout out to all of our awesome Ambassadors helping us achieve our goals!


Margin Trading Became Available

Summer brought along a significant development – margin trading went live! This was something that all the pro traders among our community had long been waiting for. Margin trading enabled using leverage on the exchange – meaning users could put in a sum of money as collateral and use the 1:3 leverage that we offered. Margin Trading was the first in the saga of new products we launched in 2019, and there was more to come.


Primary Issuances Were Introduced

September marked another important milestone, as we launched the first Primary Issuance on our platform. Primary Issuances list an asset publicly for the first time, meaning that the asset in question is not available to the public elsewhere or on any other platform at the time of listing than CoinMetro.

The first lucky one to perform a primary issuance was PARSIQ – an analytics and monitoring platform created to prevent fraud and illegitimate activities on the blockchain.


Our Platforms Got Even Better

October was dedicated to platform improvements. Our cryptocurrency exchange platforms went through significant enhancements. We redesigned them into three separate products:

  • SimplEX – the easiest way to buy and sell digital assets;
  • EXpress – a brand new platform that allows quick exchange of digital assets;
  • PRO – targets more experienced users and offers advanced order types for margin and non-margin trading. 


New Funding Rolled In

December brought great news from the finance department – CoinMetro secured a hefty funding round! We closed a funding deal for €1.44 million just before the end of the year and this enabled us to dream even bigger in 2020. Having secured new funding, our main goal is to reach self-sustainability through user acquisition. We are also focusing on launching new products and achieving everything stated in our original whitepaper, as well as and recruiting new brilliant minds to join the CoinMetro team.


TraM Went Live

We had an awesome present for you just in time for the holidays – we launched TraM! TraM stands for Trade Mirror. It is a platform that enables ordinary traders to partner up with professional traders (also known as asset managers), thereby benefiting from those traders’ profiles. This was probably the most requested topic on our Telegram chat and we worked very hard to have this ready for you before the end of the year. This also meant great things for the XCM ecosystem as a whole – our native token became more integrated into our products and tied to every transaction that occurs on our platform.


Are you already part of our awesome community? You can start now from our demo platform. It’s accessible without having to sign up. If you like it, you can always sign up, go through KYC and start trading on one of our three awesome platforms! Feel free to contact our support team in case you have further questions.