Coinmetro Enters an Essential Partnership


BIG News for All Our Users


We are happy to announce that Coinmetro has partnered with Wintermute – the world’s biggest liquidity provider in the crypto markets. With this, we are enlarging our network of strategic partnerships, bringing several good things to you as a user. You will benefit from higher volume and faster transactions on every market and pair. Better yet, this allows us to list more assets in the future. Read on to understand more about one of this year’s highlights.



A Mature Trading Environment

Wintermute is currently working with the world’s biggest crypto ecosystems, providing liquidity on over 50 exchanges and trading platforms. For you – our Coinmetro user, this partnership offers better trading conditions. There’s more! This partnership allows us to:  


  • Diversify our listings with more assets
  • Add more tokens to the Margin Platform  
  • Bring more volume to the ecosystem
  • Drive more value to XCM   


Check out our exchange now and see the difference!


As a company, we are always looking for the best quality products regardless of the market. We have been seeking a superior Liquidity Provider since our inception and are especially happy about the partnership with Wintermute. The cooperative effort improves on something that is essential for you: the possibility to benefit from enough volume when you buy and sell tokens. This way, you can enjoy smoother and more continuous trading. 

Head to the Coinmetro exchange now if you are already a user to get accustomed to the new, improved market conditions. Sign-up today to experience a premium trading platform and hang around on our Discord and Telegram channels to tell us what you think about our products.