CoinMetro Bond Sold Out!


Wow! What a start to 2021, we’ve just closed our CoinMetro Bond offering, raising €2,5M!
We could not have done it without you. The biggest thank you from the bottom of our hearts goes out to our community!

What Was the Deal?

The CoinMetro Bond pays 8-12% annual interest over a fixed two-year term. The amount of interest you will receive depends on whether you were one of our ICO contributors or which XCM Rebates Tier you belong to. Read more about XCM Rebates tiers here.

The interest payments are made daily right back to your CoinMetro account balance.
The subscription period of the bond or the length of time it will be on sale to the public is 90 days. Following this period the secondary market will be activated for normalised trading of the bonds.

At the end of the term you can either redeem your tokens in our native token XCM or convert them to equity-like tokens that give you the rights of shareholders.

coinmetro bond calculator

Pretty sweet deal, right? Our investors certainly feel so as we sold out before the end of the raise. And as many investors missed out, we are even oversubscribed!

What is Next for CoinMetro?

We’ve started 2021 with real momentum, even crazier than the momentum of the crypto market currently. After closing 2020 with 20x growth in revenue, the projected revenue for January 2021 is 63x higher than January last year. That’s right, 63 times higher!

And we are not stopping, we’re not slowing down. We will use this momentum and the fund raised from our CoinMetro Bond to keep growing at 30-50% MoM growth rate. We are aiming to grow our revenues in 2021 to exceed €6 million.

Investing Our Funding into Growth

As an investor one of the important questions is – what is the startup spending the money on?
In short – faster growth!

There are four key areas that will help us achieve our goals that we are putting the funding to use in:

Expanding our team
Improving product
Brand new mobile app
Bigger marketing budget to accelerate our success

We have a plan, our sights are set on the goal and we’ve got momentum. Next stop – the moon!

We want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts and we’re knuckling down continuing with the hard work to make you all proud 🙂

The CoinMetro Team