Coinmetro AMA: January 28, 2022


Discord Contests for Days 4, 5 & 6 of 7

We are absolutely amazed by how many of you have joined our Pre-Launch Discord Lobby already, over 2100 Coinmetroids and we’re not even officially open yet!

As we are coming closer to our launch date on February 1st, there are just two more contests left.

We hope you enjoyed the contests so far; based on the amount of responses received, we can definitely say it’s a huge success, bigger than we anticipated, so thank you for everyone who participated!

Today’s contest is one which many of you have probably been waiting for and it requires some creative input again. For this occasion, we have also temporarily opened a channel where, in addition to the Google form submissions, you can also upload your submissions in that channel.

AMA Summary

Discord Launch

The Discord Pre-Launch has been very successful so far. We have a waiting area where you can chat, already joined by 2,100+ Coinmetroids at the time of this writing. We have daily contests where you can participate and win XCM. Our official launch is on February 1st and we will open up more rooms only accessible to verified Coinmetro customers. I can’t wait to do my first voice message on Discord!

L1 better than L2?

L2 solutions can create a better ecosystem for the time being, but focus should be on L1 solutions. Every time you add a new layer, you add a counter-party risk. The whole reason why finance has started to put their eyes on BTC and crypto in the first place, is to get away from counter-party risk. L2 adds to the equation there.

My thoughts are that they are a great solution for now as an easy way to counteract some of the problems that exist. But I do believe that the end-goal should be to create L1 solutions that surpass current L2 capabilities.

Crazy, quirky websites

We will be launching five crazy, quirky Coinmetro websites where you will see all kind of weird stuff. Those will probably launch in the next two months or so.

More activity on social media

We have seen a lot more activity on social media lately. As part of our marketing strategy, we are looking forward to engaging more with you in these channels as well. If you have any ideas on how to improve, we would love to hear your suggestions, just like we love to hear suggestions on other fronts.

Secret to a long lasting marriage

Secret to a long lasting marriage is a comfortable couch. If you don’t get that, you haven’t been married long enough.

What’s with the black hoodie blazer?

The hoodie blazer appears to be my Friday outfit. It works because at home we have tropical temperatures and when I walk to the office I can freeze to death.

Reasons for delisting projects

There are a couple of reasons we would consider delisting a project:

We would delist a project when for example:

  • There are regulatory issues (e.g., it’s a security).

  • If we find out that there is legal or any type of maleficence from a project (e.g. fraud), we don’t want to be associated with these companies.

  • Volumes aren’t really something that will push us to delist a project. However, if we would see zero volume for a certain period of time we could delist it.

  • We don’t want to hurt our reputation if somebody is doing bad things.

Kevin’s view on the market

If you haven’t been in crypto for a very long time, a dip of 50% or so from ATH may seems scary. However, we have seen Bitcoin retrace more than 80% over the past years, so this is nothing exceptional. We have more institutional money flowing in, which means that in the long term, we should see a more stable market. People are rational, irrational and emotional and also take trading decisions based upon that, causing markets to move in sometimes very volatile ways without a rational reason per se. A stock market crash or the world economy collapsing could cause a collapse in crypto on the short term as well, however, in the long term, this could have positive effects on crypto.


Since August last year we have been working on the rebranding in several ways. We have been growing rapidly and we are looking forward to share this with our community very soon. We are also looking forward to the feedback you have for us. It is coming in the next couple of weeks and we will continue to show tidbits here and there as we have been doing in the past weeks. If you’re an active community member, you may have stumbled upon some designs already.

Compliance and Regulations

Our compliance and regulations department is there to protect our clients and potential victims. For that we need to have certain rules in place. Some of those rules may catch innocent people, but a simple explanation and proof can get you out of that loop.

Synthetic and leverage trading

Synthetic and leveraged trading provides liquidity. When the underlying market is less serviced than the synthetic market, it can create more volatility. In general, you need synthetics in any market, aside from maybe the bond market. Synthetics are needed usually to provide liquidity, however, retail traders who get rekt provide volatility.

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