Coinmetro AMA: February 4, 2022



We will be having new graphics, new typography, margin rebranding, copy trading rebranding, everything from product to the website, social media etc., all under this new rebranding we are doing.


There are a few things that we are working on to get the tokenomics release done.

We need to make things work internally, delivery, timelines etc. We will be seeing an amplitude of opportunities build into XCM tokenomics.

Biz Dev

We are working on things from the backlog; in Q2 and Q3 there will be more biz dev. New custody providers that will be coming into our ecosystem probably by the end of Q1. News about new listings, continued biz dev with the Kadena team (end of March). Currently most of the biz dev is localized with companies we have already been working with.

Automated Trading

Most trading is automated these days. I don’t like to use the word bots, but it’s non-humans.

A lot of it is based on ‘dumb’ rule sets and when multiple bots with these ‘dumb’ rule sets trade against each other, it may look weird in the order book.

Over time, these automated systems get optimized, and you get better results.

Flux Airdrop

The flux airdrops arrived today, so you may be seeing them in your transaction history. In general, these airdrops are not the easiest implementation for us, and it takes some time to do it on the development side.

More Information to Shareholders

This year, we are planning to release more information to shareholders, equity holders, bondholders, etc.

Kevin’s Week

There has been some interesting news this week about fundraising, branding, mission, vision, values, USPs and more. Been working closely with marketing, product, the board etc. to tweak these things and make it more accurate for us as a business.

Also working on figuring out how to move from the increase in scammers we had in December, which disturbed some of our internal processes.


There will be some Coinmetro community on WhaleRoom, and we are working with the team on some other things as well.

Native Terra

The testing is being done right now so that we can release it as soon as possible.

Liquidity & Volume

You can have a lot of liquidity and no volume, and vice versa. They are not mutually exclusive, they can exist by themselves.

FATF Grey-Listing Countries

The process of grey-listing a country for crypto transaction is not an easy process: what kind of systems to use to grey-list a country?

Due to certain risks like corruption, blackmail, etc., it is sometimes safer to grey-list a country. A restructure of this entire system is necessary for the processes to be optimized in the future.


NFTs for art can and will include all types of arts. For example, you could verify if physical art is real. Artists who create physical art, can create a digital copy/NFT and sell it. NFTs have a long history outside of art, and they can also do a lot of things in finance, for example.

Challenges of Running a Business

The most challenging thing about running a business is people. Businesses wouldn’t exist without people. Managing people is never easy.

AMAs on Discord

We are going to do part of the AMAs on Discord starting next week.