Coinmetro Adds USD Support for THT


When we listed THT (ThoughtAI) on our platform last year, we were the only CEX where you could buy it at the time. We are committed to supporting the ThoughtAI team and helping make their token and services more accessible as a fiat gateway.

From Day 1, we offered the THT/EUR pair which enabled their fast-growing European community to access THT. We are excited to announce we have now added support for THT with a USD pairing! We hope this will help with adoption from all clients and anyone using USD as a preferred currency.

THT Staking & Masternodes

The demand for THT has been incredible! As part of our mission to keep adding new forms of passive income to our platform, we introduced a very lucrative THT Staking program in Q4 2021.

Based on the number of Masternodes (1 Masternode = 314,000 THT tokens) that came online since the introduction of our THT Staking program on the platform, we can see the positive impact with both exposure and accessibility. There were around 50 Masternodes at the time of listing on Coinmetro, and today there are over 600 as of today, 165 of which are run by Coinmetro.

The growing demand for THT has been overwhelming and we are grateful to see another partnership success story.

Kevin Murcko & Andrew Hacker AMA

Coinmetro CEO Kevin Murcko and ThoughtAI CEO Andrew Hacker did an AMA on our YouTube channel to answer some questions from the community and provide more insights into what defines the THT token as well as future plans for ThoughtAI. You may also visit the ThoughtAI website to learn more here.

As we move forward together, we are excited and looking forward to what our partnership will bring in the future. With the launch of MARs earlier this week, you will soon be receiving THT as a bonus as part of your XCM Staking plan!

Head over to THT Staking page at Coinmetro now to learn more or see your rewards!