Changes to the FLUX Staking Plan


The Flux Network Halving Process


Due to the recent changes in the Flux Network and its native asset FLUX, the Annual Percentage Return (APR) of FLUX staking plans at Coinmetro has been updated. Read below to understand the changes.


What is the Flux Network and FLUX Halving?

The Flux Network is a decentralized network providing users with an efficient and secure way to access financial services. FLUX is the native asset of the Flux Network and operates similarly to Bitcoin in its halving process. Every 655,350 blocks, the Flux Network halves the block reward, reducing the reward amount and creating a deflationary asset. The recent halving has reduced the FLUX block reward from 75 FLUX to 37.5 FLUX.


Impact on Coinmetro’s FLUX Staking Plans

As a consequence of the recent FLUX halving, the APR of all FLUX staking plans at Coinmetro is also being modified. Starting February 14, all FLUX staking plans at Coinmetro will have the following APRs:


  • 1 month – 1.2%
  • 3 months -1.5%
  • 6 months – 1.8%
  • 1 year – 2.1%


The change becomes effective on February 14. Already assigned staking rewards will not be affected. 


This change is necessary to reflect the recent transformation in the Flux Network and its native asset FLUX. It’s important to note that the recent FLUX halving causing the reduction of the APR is an external event taking place with the Flux Network and is outside of Coinmetro’s control. 


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