How Do Blockchain and Search Engines Work Together?


It’s almost impossible to imagine a world without Google. Its search engine is, without a shadow of a doubt, one of the most complex systems in operation. Google makes its own rules and dominates the digital space. Yet, a new(ish), extremely complex system is on the horizon, ready to challenge the Googles, Bings and Yandexes of the world – Blockchain technology. Let’s find out how…

A blockchain search engine is based on a computer network where every computer has its own ranking system; so, unlike Google, it is a decentralized search engine. You might not even know it, but these alternative search engines are already here and are already showing their awesome potential.

Here’s a quick rundown of some of the more popular ones…

1. Presearch

Presearch is a newly created distributed community-driven search engine and token ecosystem, in which members are rewarded with PRE tokens for contributing to the open-source platform.

The Presearch search engine’s strategy is based on transparency, accessibility, openness, and decentralization, which means that the details on how the Presearch operates and all code will be opened up to the public.

The Presearch Search Tool is seen as “the heart” of the membership experience and allows users to choose search engines and see specific suggestions within them.

2. Desearch (BitClave)

The Desearch Crypto Search Engine is the first crypto-focused search engine and allows users to find out anything about crypto. It’s produced by the BitClave – a decentralized ecosystem where users own their personal data, decide if and when they want to share it and get rewarded for doing so. This strategy leads to the process where businesses target customers in the most effective way possible and, vice versa, the customers get the most relevant offers. Which is a pretty cool idea, right?

3. Blockchain ETL

However, Google itself isn’t exactly standing still either. They’ve been busy creating a blockchain tool designed specifically for search – the Blockchain ETL. This tool allows users to make blockchain transactions searchable, hence more transparent. It runs on Google’s analytics platform – BigQuery – where developers have loaded Bitcoin and Ethereum transaction history, and the plan is to add more and more cryptocurrencies over time.

Bringing Transparency to Crypto

We actually love what Google is doing with Blockchain ETL, mainly because it reinforces our efforts and helps us in our monumental struggle to bring more transparency, openness and clarity to Crypto.

We’re one of the only exchanges to tell you how it is. We speak from the heart and are very passionate about pushing the boundaries of crypto regulation, encouraging mass adoption.

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Thanks for reading. See you next time.

The CoinMetro Team