Best Sources For Learning About Crypto


Are you interested in broadening your knowledge in the field of crypto? Maybe you are looking for educational New Year’s resolutions? We’ve got you covered! Have a look at these suggestions for online cryptocurrency courses that will take your crypto and blockchain knowledge to the next level!


Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Technologies by Princeton University

Starting from the basics – if you are new to cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology, this online open course is your best pick. The Princeton University online crypto course has an impressive grade of 4.7 based on 2000+ ratings on Coursera. The course follows the idea that in order to understand Bitcoin’s potential, we must first understand how it works on a technical level. It dives into Bitcoin’s underlying technology, the security and anonymity of the system, Bitcoin’s unique features, regulation and price analysis. If you are a beginner – there is definitely lots to learn from this course!


Fintech: Foundations & Applications of Financial Technology Specialization

If you are in FinTech, this online course by Wharton could be something for you! Wharton is known for their high quality online courses and this one is no exception. The course is not entirely crypto- and blockchain focused – but it brings together the traditional financial world, crypto and regulations. It also covers modern investment strategies, peer-to-peer lending, Blockchain and crowdfunding. This course gets brownie points for including real life case studies into their curriculum.


Blockchain Business Models

If you already have an understanding of Blockchain and crypto and you would like to dive deeper into practical applications, this is a great pick! Duke University has designed this online course to elaborate on how tokenization of assets can create value and how to apply it to your own business. Relevant topics – such as Facebook’s Libra, JP Morgan’s JPMCoin and supply chain management case studies by Maersk – are covered to illustrate on the theory. If you have been dwelling on how to apply Blockchain and tokenization on your own business, look no further!


This Week In Crypto – CoinMetro AMA

Although CoinMetro does not offer online courses, we do have lots of options for broadening your crypto knowledge! What are they exactly?

Well, our CEO Kevin Murcko hosts an AMA every Friday on our Youtube channel. He brings you up to date with the latest crypto market news and explains a new crypto term every week. What makes this even greater is that you can vote for the topic you would like to hear about! We consolidated all crypto lessons into one playlist for your convenience – feel free to check them out! In addition, CoinMetro has its own cryptocurrency Glossary. It’s a great place for you to learn about new crypto definitions and look up terms that are new to you.



Let’s think outside the box for a moment – if your preferred way of learning is not listening, then we have a solution for you, too! A great informal source of learning about crypto is Telegram. You can join the CoinMetro Telegram channel if you are interested in discussions about market news, casual price talks and other topics. This is also a great channel to ask questions and get more involved in the crypto world. You are most welcome to join us!


Once you have covered the theory, a great place to try out crypto in practice is our platform! You can start from our demo platform. It’s accessible without having to sign up. If you like it, you can always sign up, go through KYC and start trading on one of our three awesome platforms! Feel free to contact our support team in case you have further questions.