Best Cryptocurrency to Invest in Now


So, you’ve been hearing a lot about cryptocurrency. And now, you’re ready to get into the market. But you’re wondering how to get started? And what is the best cryptocurrency to invest in now? Well, you’ve come to the right place! 

Everyone wants to know about crypto assets these days. So we put together a guide to help. Here’s all you should know about picking a cryptocurrency, how to buy, and where. 

Best Cryptocurrency to Invest in Now – What Makes the Best? 

When it comes to buying crypto, you’re essentially spoiled for choice. There are thousands of options to pick from. Many of these are compelling, and have serious prospects. But since you cannot realistically buy all crypto assets, you have to make a choice. That’s where the problem usually is. Let’s look at the basics. 

Cryptocurrencies are digital assets. Many of these are created to function as a store of value. In this way, they are like gold, stocks and securities. But many other cryptocurrencies also have utility functions. For instance, Ethereum (ETH) lets other people build their own cryptocurrency projects. As a result, you not only have to decide if the crypto asset is valuable to invest in. You also need to see if the underlying project makes good sense for you. Here are some factors to consider. 

Factors to consider

As a rule, it makes sense to do your research before buying crypto. What will you be looking out for? For starters, you should consider the volatility and liquidity of the asset. A volatile asset is subject to sudden and sharp price changes. A liquid asset can be sold or bought fairly easily. Volatility is a matter of personal risk preference. But you should generally aim for a liquid cryptocurrency. 

Other factors to consider include price, market capitalization and trading volume. We’ve written all about these factors in a special guide. Read all about it here! This article helps you choose the best cryptocurrency to invest in now.

Best Crypto to Buy Now – How to Get Started?

Knowing what crypto assets work for you is just the first step. Next up, is how to buy the best crypto tokens in 2020 and from where. 

How to buy cryptocurrency?

First, identify the exact crypto assets you are interested in. A small pool helps you decide better. To make your final decision, you can use the factors listed above. Or you can also read the whitepapers. Whitepapers are an explanation of the idea behind cryptocurrency. They tell you exactly what value to expect. 

Next, get on to a crypto exchange to buy your crypto. Not all exchanges offer fiat to crypto trades though. So, you should ensure the exchange can give you crypto for money (USD, EUR etc.). CoinMetro is an option for fiat to crypto exchange at market leading prices. 

Many exchanges only allow fiat to bitcoin trades. But on some others, you can exchange fiat for any of the major crypto assets. If you want smaller crypto assets, you may be able to find them as crypto pairs. For instance, you can buy bitcoin first. Then exchange bitcoin for Chainlink or any smaller cryptocurrency you fancy. 

How to keep your crypto safe?

After making your purchase, you need to keep your crypto safe. That’s where having a secure crypto wallet comes in. While it’s possible to leave your crypto on the exchange, you should still have a wallet. The wallet stores your funds securely while you’re not trading. 

Now you know how to get the best crypto assets. Check out CoinMetro for practical tips about trading. You’ll find all the best tips including margin trading tools, copy trading signals and much more! If you have any questions, let our support team know. They’re here to help 24/7!