The Best Crypto Affiliate Programs for Beginners


Today’s all about affiliate programs for beginners. In these days when you can make money from numerous internet opportunities, affiliate marketing is a constant. And that’s a great thing because there are even more ways now to earn great money with affiliate marketing and put it to lucrative use, such as by buying crypto. 

Are you interested in getting started with affiliate marketing but don’t know how? You’re in the right place. Today, we’re going to explore all you should know about affiliate marketing and where to find the best affiliate programs for beginners. Stay tuned!

Best Affiliate Programs for Beginners – What is an Affiliate Program? 

Affiliate marketing is essentially advertising for businesses. But not in the conventional sense. Traditionally, businesses that wanted to promote their products took newspaper ads. Or they spent a lot of money on TV ads (that often leave us confused, if we’re being honest). However, affiliate marketing usually works through the internet instead. Yes there are also offline options still as well, but earning affiliate revenue online is by far the most popular way.

It works when people promote a company’s products through their own platforms. This could be any place you are able to interact with people. It could be through a blog, a YouTube channel or even your Twitter handle. When someone buys something due to your promotion, the company pays you a commission. The terms and structure relating to how your relationship with the company works is called an affiliate program. 

There are affiliate programs for all sorts of products. In fact, if there’s anything that people may want to buy or be involved in, you can almost be certain there’s an affiliate program for it. These include affiliate programs for software products, retail products or even cryptocurrency affiliate programs

Affiliate programs are a very effective way to sell products. This is why businesses love them. According to Statista, by 2022, business spending on affiliate marketing will have reached $8.2 billion. So, if you have a great platform from which you can promote products, or have the skills to create one, you can also access this lucrative opportunity. 

What Makes a Great Affiliate Program? 

We’re assuming you’re here because you’re new to affiliate marketing. Even if you’ve dabbled a bit, it’s still a good idea to know what to look out for. Many people want to know the best affiliate programs for beginners. But there are often too many to count. That’s why it makes sense to learn what a great program looks like first. 

If you’re looking for great affiliate marketing jobs, we recommend you start by asking if they have these features: 

Easy to use 

Affiliate marketing is all about results. The company wants to sell more products. You want to be the catalyst of this sale and hopefully earn some money while at it. As a result, the last thing you want to deal with is a clunky interface or an inefficient process. A great affiliate program will invest in an intuitive process that makes your work easy. 

Great support 

Even with a great process, things can still go wrong. Your affiliate links, what your referrals click to make a purchase, may stop working. Or you may have a question that needs an urgent, and helpful, answer. The best programs have great support that make things easy. In fact, they make things so easy, it’s like affiliate marketing for dummies – you can’t get lost!

Pay structure 

Right up there with your most important concerns should be how you get paid. There are different types of pay structures. Some programs adopt a cost per action (CPA) model. Here, they pay you for specific actions such as a click or a sign up. Another model some use is the revenue share model. Here, you earn a percentage of whatever the platform makes from your referral. Then there’s the hybrid model that takes a bit from each model. 

Timely payouts 

No matter how great the pay structure is, you still have to actually get paid. Great affiliate programs have a track record of paying out accurately and on time. You’ve worked for your money. You deserve to get it as advertised. 

Great product 

Finally, what really ties up a great affiliate program is the product. Here’s a secret about affiliate marketing that only the most experienced will tell you – affiliate marketing only really works when you’re providing real value. If people love what you sell them, they’ll come back for more. It’s that simple. 

Best Affiliate Programs for Beginners – Our Top Five 

Now that we’re all caught up on what makes the best, let’s discuss our top five picks for great affiliate programs. The programs we’ll outline here are amongst the best for beginners, no doubt. But in truth, they are much more than that. They’re also great programs for anyone already involved in affiliate marketing. 

Here’s our top five. 

Amazon Associates 

Amazon Associates is one of the most popular affiliate programs around. It was also one of the first, starting out in 1996 – so that says a lot for its consistency. Apart from this, Amazon’s marketplace is one of the largest in the world. So, it’s super easy to get started and find something to sell. While the program’s rates are no longer what they used to be, Amazon is a great place to start. 

There’s no cost to register and you get paid up to 10% of each sale. However, you can only withdraw your earnings when you hit the applicable threshold. This is $10 for direct deposits or payment by Amazon gift card. While payment by check has a threshold of $100. 

CoinMetro Affiliate 

At CoinMetro, we’re proud to have created one of the best crypto affiliate programs around. For those who understand and are enthusiastic about cryptocurrency, CoinMetro offers the best earning opportunities on the market. The crypto exchange pays affiliate 40% of what CoinMetro makes on referred traders. In addition, affiliates earn 10% of sub-affiliate revenue share, as well as lifetime commissions. This means you get the opportunity to earn even more when those you refer also bring other people. Sweet, right?

As crypto prices are heading to the moon again, this is a great time to promote a crypto exchange.

CoinMetro’s affiliate program is entirely free as well. So all you need to do is sign up, set up your affiliate links, and start earning. 

Commission Junction 

Commission Junction is almost as old as Amazon. It started in 2002 and is more popularly known as CJ Affiliate. Just like Amazon, you can find a lot of companies here. But unlike Amazon, CJ Affiliate is a network of some really big companies. You may find yourself promoting for huge names such as Samsung, Trip Advisor, Walgreens or Sears. They have great support and easy to use affiliate links. Plus, you get paid roughly 30 days after the month you made your earnings. 

But the threshold for payment is a bit high, at $50. In addition, CJ Affiliate can often experience a bit of churn. So, brands often come and go. 


Although ShareASale has a bit of a retro look and feel about it, the program is deceptively profitable. They have programs that pay out as much as $350 per sale for legitimate, value-driven products. The affiliate interface is basic but extremely straightforward. 

There’s no cost to sign up and affiliates are typically paid roughly 30 days after each month’s sales. Although the payment threshold here is also $50. 

eBay Partner Network

Although eBay rose to fame as one of the largest used product marketplaces in the world, things are a lot different these days. Today, the majority of eBay’s 1.5 billion plus listings – up to 80% – are for new items. There’s absolutely no learning curve and the barrier to entry is very low. This means once you get started, your first sales shouldn’t be far behind. 

eBay also pays very decent commission rates, sometimes up to 70% per sale. But, just like Amazon, its affiliate links only place 24-hour cookies. This means if someone clicks on your link, they must make a purchase within 24 hours. Otherwise, the sale doesn’t go to you. 

There you have it. The best affiliate programs for beginners in 2020. Now that you know what to look for, you can start by checking out CoinMetro’s affiliate program. We’re sure you’ll love it! Got any questions? Reach out to our support team for help. We’re available 24/7. 

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