Coinmetro Investors Support Fuel Next Steps


Exciting news!
We’ve received backing from our existing investors to help us level up!

Our existing investors are backing us further to reach our goals even faster. The value from our investors is not only in cash, they are very actively involved as well by linking us up with the right partners and building up interest about CoinMetro in their network as well.

The Next Steps

With the backing from our investors we are moving further with the following:


      • Adding USD support
        USD gateways and trading pairs open up a whole new market for us. We’re adding SWIFT and ACH payments to make the process as fast as possible. This is an important strategy for us as well generally – we will keep adding new fiat pairs to give seamless fiat on and off ramps to people all over the world. Contract with our new banking partner is signed and paid!


      • CoinMetro Bond
        We are testing out our revolutionary end-to-end securities marketplace. And what best to do it with than our own bond issuance. This is a test case during our sandbox in Montenegro and our investors are keen to get a piece of that pie. There may be some left for others too…


    • XCM token
      As we are building a revolutionary finance platform where you can trade, invest in securities, sell these securities and use challenger banking services in one ecosystem with XCM at the heart of it, our investors are going long on XCM too.



All of the above helps us reach a new segment of users and prove product market fit with our new game changing securities marketplace.
CoinMetro is here to stay and we are just getting started.

Development of the securities marketplace is underway and we will share updates with you very soon! CoinMetro users will get first access to our securities marketplace. 

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