Ask Me Anything – February 5, 2021


This was a special weekly Ask Me Anything for CoinMetro CEO Kevin Murcko! He’s a man of his word and after saying he wouldn’t shave until XCM hit 20 cents, Kevin finally shaved off the beard. Somewhere in the world, his wife rejoiced!

Question: When will DNA start trading?

Answer: Users can now trade DNA on our platform!

Q: What is the next bet you’ll make? No shaving the mustache until 50 cents?

A: Well Kevin didn’t say no….

Q: What are CoinMetro’s priorities for February?

A: You can check out the CoinMetro Q1 Roadmap right here! The secondary market for tokenized securities is high up on the list. That could be into March, however. There will be new staking news coming out this month. The first B2B product is going to drop as well. New liquidity provider will be pushed out in the coming days! A new listing is coming. Maybe a new listing on the securities marketplace as well. A lot of development is going on as well, like for the newest app update. 

Q: Will there be more updates to the CoinMetro mobile app?

A: Coming in Q2, there is a completely redesigned new app with MUCH more functionality. We are also using feedback taken from the current app to build out the new one. We listen to our users and give them what they want! 

Q: When is the growth engine firing up?

A: We are having a meeting focused specifically on growth marketing! We’ve brought on a new person to be here for a three month period and he is focused on life cycle marketing. So engines are being primed as we speak!

Q: When will IOTA & DGB get listed on CoinMetro?

A: IOTA is on a shortlist. DGB was one of the first we were going to list, but didn’t happen. However, we are still interested in doing so. We are expanding development resources so in short, eventually we will get to both of those. More listings are coming!

Q: Is there anymore news on XCM staking?

A: Another fundraise is coming and there’s been A LOT of interest. Nearly triple what we thought we’d raise, so it needs to be restructured. XCM staking is next on the list after that, and Kevin expects to announce within the month of February.

Q: Is it possible CoinMetro will implement staking of KDA?

A: This is in discussion. Definitely possible.

Q: Is CoinMetro on track to meet the Q1 roadmap goals?

A: Yes we are! We actually may even be ahead of schedule and it’s possible some things for Q2 could happen in this quarter.

Q: Rumors are that the Estonian government is going to adopt more strict crypto regulations. How would this impact CoinMetro?

A: There is some talk about putting licensing under a different agency. There are no specifics about what it will look like, but we are ready, willing, and able to do whatever needs to be done! We welcome the change.

Q: How has CoinMetro handled the emails sent to users about a data leak from 2018?

A: There was a data dump done by a former employee employee. We sent emails to all users & posted notice in Telegram with the complete information. Moreover, Kevin responded to questions with hours of voice messages and worked directly with clients as well. It was reported to police, who are investigating. And it was reported to data protection agencies in Europe. We followed all necessary legal protocols. Years ago after this occurred, we revamped hiring process & access rights for employees. We have been locked up nice and tight for the last three years without any issues. CoinMetro became much stronger!

Q: Do new coin listings have priority right now?

A: We have a few things on the Q1 roadmap we are working through right now. But there is at least one more listing planned for this month. Beyond that, yes. Eventually we are working towards a new listing every other week.

Q: What is staking?

A: When it specifically comes to staking on CoinMetro, think of it as an interest bearing savings account. You earn rewards for holding an asset on the CoinMetro platform! 

Q: What is the news about XCM bonds?

A: We are potentially going to offer another bond because the last one ran out while more people wanted in. More than likely there will be a direct-to-equity offering that will be tied to CoinMetro acquiring an MTF license.

Q: What’s the record for highest sign ups in one day?

A: We had a day with somewhere around 1200-1300 sign ups in one day. That is likely one of the highest days we’ve had. There was one day that was MUCH higher when a promotion was going on, but that led to a bunch of inactive accounts so we aren’t counting that one.

Q: Do you have user growth targets for FEB/MAR?

A: Yes we do. We are looking at 30-50% growth month by month.

Q: How often do you use the CoinMetro platform for trading?

A: Kevin is not all that active as a trader these days because he is so busy! But Oliver and several other employees & devs are using the platform quite regularly.

Q: Will XCM staking be permanent?

A: Initially it will be paid out of the treasury. But the goal is to get to the point of growth where that is sustained indefinitely. So yes, the goal is to be permanent and we have plans in the works!

Q: Have you heard of Telcoin and might it get listed on CoinMetro?

A: Kevin has not heard of that. But we are always open to listings and happy to look into it further!

Q: Will there be new investing opportunities on CoinMetro?

A: YES! There will ALWAYS be new investment opportunities coming for our users. One of our biggest strengths!

Q: Will there ever be a CoinMetro debit card?

A: Yes. We already went after the specific license needed to do so. We’re looking at this to happen within 2021.

And then… he made the beard disappear!

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