AMA Summary March 18th, 2022


Kevin had to catch a flight today, so this week’s AMA was on the shorter side. But he covered A LOT of ground and there’s plenty of good questions to review. Before we start, please make sure you’re subscribed to our YouTube channel!

Now, let’s get to it!

When will we see other KDA tokens?

Starting in April, we are going to see other KDA assets like for example kBTC, kETH and other potential KDA tokens, especially with KDX coming online we are going to work together to create a good ecosystem.


Will we see Coinmetro ATMs?

I don’t think we need ATMs. ATMs are band-aid solutions because crypto is not accepted there yet. I think cash ATMs are not really a thing, because in most first-world countries people use cards right now.


IQ Protocol

Once IQ is on a protocol we support, it may come to Coinmetro.


When will we see additional burn mechanics behind XCM?

The goal is to do an update once per month.


Thoughts on Hypercent Launchpad?

Launchpad is essential for the Kadena ecosystem to grow as long as it is done in a compliant manner and does not cause any negative spotlight.


Instability in the Commodities market and its effect on crypto?

It will affect equities and in the end, it will affect all markets. We are going to be in the biggest global recession we have seen in modern history. I have never seen inflation as high as it is right now. It will start affecting industries that are vital. From a high level, it will affect all markets.


How many tokens on MARs (Multi-Asset Rewards) in 1 year?

I would expect 8 to 10 assets including ones we already have.


Why staking Vesper on Coinmetro?

It allows us to stake assets that we could not stake initially. It allows staking that does not have native staking. It is not necessarily about Vesper, but what Vesper is building.


What triggered the crypto bull run in 2021?

I don’t like the words bull and bear run in crypto because people use them so loosely. More institutional money coming in, more positive news, the equities market was doing well and then covid. It pushed people to think about many things like control, the government forcing you to do things as well as other triggers.


What jobs did you have until now?

I have been an entrepreneur since when I was 13 or 14, but then my first real, real business was when I was 17, in my last year of high school. Did all kinds of stuff…electronics, service industry, including laundromats, restaurants, real estate. Last job was either Radio Shack or Men’s Big & Tall.


USPs to give Coinmetro a 5 to 10 billion valuation?

In finance, people are treated differently. There are VIP clients, standard clients and clients nobody wants. We are changing that, we are serving our clients because we want to serve everyone the same, no matter how much money you have. We are ultra-transparent. Sometimes it is a crux because people can take it in a wrong way like the missing deadlines thing.

In business, things change and we have to pivot. We want to create this global community of change-makers. It is not us only, it is everybody who interacts with us, our community, etc. We need to be transparent, upfront and treat all clients equal. Create opportunities that otherwise people would not have access to.

We put a lot of focus on user experience: this is key for us. We list tokens that we partner with and do things with. Obviously there are coins and tokens like BTC and ETH and other things that our clients ask for that give us volume. We are looking out not only for our clients, but also our partners and shareholders…we want everyone to succeed here.

That’s it for this week. Have a good weekend, Coinmetroids!