AMA Summary 8 July, 2022


Hey Coinmetroids! CEO Kevin Murcko is back to hangout with his favorite people for your favorite Friday ritual. Here’s a summary of the live AMA from Friday, July 8th, 2022.


When will Polygon be listed?

Hint: Summer Vibes – Kevin also goes on to give his opinion on Polygon.


Your thoughts on the metaverse?

Facebook and other large companies will spend absurd amounts of money. Many will likely fail initially, the big players will buy up the competition, and in 10 years the metaverse will be thing. Essentially metaverse is really just immersive advertising at the moment. How innovative is that? It remains to be seen. But people will make money off of this. Just because Kevin isn’t personally a fan, doesn’t mean they aren’t viable options.


Full integration with Qredo?

We are not ready at the moment to integrate Qredo. But there are a few parts of their infrastructure that intrigues us. They should fair well with regulators, which is a big point for us. So we are likely to continue working together in the future.


Impact of a weaker Euro on Coinmetro?

Not really. Coinmetro doesn’t hold an extensive amount of Euros. We are holding many different kinds of fiat currencies and are hedged against the Euro just based on the way our business operates.


Any info on the amount of CM signups as of late?

There was a decent spike last week. New ads have been pushed out and many more are coming quickly behind. This is something on which Kevin would like to start giving regular updates.


Is it a good time to long EUR/USD?

Kevin thinks now would a good time to start dollar cost averaging into a long position and provides several reasons and explanations about global events.


Kadena & k-asset timeframe?

This is getting discussed currently. But Kevin is in Italy for our head engineer’s wedding, so there isn’t a lot of progress happening on that over the next couple weeks.


What is the biggest pain point in Coinmetro right now?

Each department is still in need of more hands, but that is progressing very quickly. Human Resources has grown along with all areas of the company and now we’re setup, better than ever before, to take on any problem and to challenge our competitors. Kevin is really proud of the team we’ve built.


Tell us about the marketing agencies CM will be working with.

We are looking to work with several agencies, perhaps 3 or 4. Each agency will have strengths and weaknesses. Having multiple allows us to A/B test essentially. If one doesn’t work, we won’t be out of luck. These agencies will be helping run & optimize ads, public relations, branding, and media buying.


Can you explain Coinmetro’s use of Challenger Bank services?

We’ve been focused on doing things the right way when it comes to regulations since the very beginning. Eventually it makes sense to begin segmenting the business. So we are now working to segment into separating crypto and fiat areas of the company.


What are the long-term goals of Coinmetro? How does that make you different?

Long-term goals are to accomplish some of the main ideas in the satoshi whitepaper. Basically, we want to give everybody access to opportunities they wouldn’t otherwise get. Kevin got into finance because he didn’t understand why some people had access to tools & opportunities that he didn’t. This philosophy is central to everything we do here at Coinmetro.

Beyond that, we’re constantly looking to innovate & provide the best tools for our users to be successful.


Who should I be following on social media?

Kevin has been tweeting more. Follow him! Wolf of All Streets is one he likes.


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