ALBT: The AllianceBlock Ecosystem and Token


Is there a way to bridge traditional and decentralized finance? The creators of AllianceBlock (ALBT) were positive about that and succeeded to deliver. The hype train has been in full effect since the Money20/20 conference in Amsterdam.

The world’s first globally compliant decentralized capital market, AllianceBlock is a multilayered blockchain-agnostic protocol revolution that simplifies the capital transfer process between regulated and opaque markets.

Let’s zoom in on the ecosystem itself and its native token – you know the drill.

The Whats

AllianceBlock introduces the Prometheus Protocol, a decentralized, blockchain-agnostic layer 2 that bridges traditional finance and DeFi. It automates the process of converting any digital or crypto asset into a bankable product.

Incubated by world famous accelerators Station F and Level 39, and 2019 Alumni in the Zurich Kickstart Innovation Program, the AllianceBlock project is built on the principles of censorship resistance, transparency, and openness. The team’s vision thus rests on integrating the three underlying principles that embody the project’s approach, strategy, and technology.

The AllianceBlock ecosystem aims to bring together issuers, investors, institutions, traders, experts, advisors, and many other service providers. The economics of the project aims to incentivize behaviors and interactions that enhance value for the whole ecosystem.

The platform enables members to interact by exchanging their data within a secure cryptographic fabric and a set of governance protocols, as well as their insights, designed to aggregate the collective intelligence of the ecosystem community.

What Makes AllianceBlock Unique?

The AllianceBlock ecosystem enables its members to issue, transfer, and own tokenized and digitized assets of all kinds.

What makes AllianceBlock truly unique is the approach of combining human and machine intelligence to harness the intelligence of groups in decision-making and governance. 

AllianceBlock is pioneering the application of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) in aggregating the collective intelligence towards validating, rating, ranking, and curating issuer offers.

How Does it Work?

AllianceBlock supports an end-to-end flow starting with client onboarding. The process enables to validate the identity and create a presence for an individual or a business on the platform. The onboarding procedures include KYC/AML checks on individuals and due diligence on legal entities.


Once on the platform, the investor’s profile is used to match them with projects of potential interest.

This type of profile also includes an investor’s reputation score – a critical element of the AllianceBlock consensus mechanism.

Investors can build their reputation on the platform through answering questions, staking and promoting projects, or providing feedback and reviews for the benefit of the community.


For the issuer, AllianceBlock performs similar onboarding and scoring, also providing support through the pre-issuance process with book-building, subscription, and pricing.

The process of issuer selection is based on the issue being promoted and accepted by community members.

Once the issuer’s offer is in the primary market, AllianceBlock covers the whole process that includes execution, ownership validation, clearance, settlements, and payment management.

The ecosystem’s platform supports the full range of capabilities and activities crucial to sustain a digitized capital market.

The AllianceBlock Protocol

The AllianceBlock Protocol will consist of three distinct layers to facilitate multidirectional dynamic data flow in a traceable, accountable, and regulated manner compliant with all major jurisdictions.

These three layers ensure cross-border compliance for digital assets, vastly improved data governance and privacy, and automated back-office processing, transactions, and document handling.

Use Cases

Simplifying Cross Border Activity

Let us be clear that the focus here is on the finance industry.

How can we reducde the financial burden to companies in complying with the oftentimes excessive regulations? The answer is, by leveraging new technology and utilising more efficient processes.

Financial companies cannot avoid cross-border capital raising and investing. Nor can they neglect regulation. Another disease plaguing in the industry is the lack of automation. This is where AllianceBlock comes into play.

Securing Regulated Securities Offerings

AllianceBlock solves some of the most pressing issues faced by securities issuers, by allowing them to act in a compliant manner, according to the rules set by regulators or vetting authorities.

The AllianceBlock solution also enables them to save time and resources on frustrating and inefficient processes by shortening the issuance lifecycle and making it more attractive for the main stakeholders.

Developing a Pioneering Protocol

The AllianceBlock protocol’s APIs will be one of the pioneering foundations of the open finance/banking space and adhere to the spirit and intent of PSD2. AllianceBlock will be capable of unlocking new solutions across the financial services space. The latter will also provide value to ALBT holders.

Improving Fund Distribution

With all the new regulations, geopolitical issues, and technological trends in mind, fund distribution is an increasingly pressing concern for investment managers.

AllianceBlock aims to improve the efficiency of the fund distribution process while reducing the resource burden for managers.

At a later stage, the use cases will also include with regulated digitized derivatives and compliant P2P lending for institutional clients. Stay tuned for updates.

Token Economics

The ALBT token is the backbone of the Prometheus Network ecosystem.

While designing the token and the ecosystem, the primary focus was on providing an inflow of value to the ecosystem that would increase the token value by providing multiple incentives in form of token rewards, ratings, and access to exclusive platform features.

The Prometheus Network ecosystem also ensures high internal liquidity of the token with the ecosystem, so that users don’t have to withdraw tokens from the ecosystem to monetize their gains or exchange it to other assets of services.

The Features of the ALBT Token

What features does the ALBT token have?

  • Exchange medium. The ALBT token will be the main exchange medium for services and assets on the platform.
  • Reward. The nodes’ owners and other relevant network participants will be rewarded for maintaining the network – with the ALBT token.
  • Currency reserve of the ecosystem’s Treasury Pool. The AllianceBlock Foundation will act as a central bank to maintain the healthy supply and demand of the ecosystem’s token.
  • Network fees. Every transaction will require to pay very low fees – in the form of the ALBT token.
  • Mean of payment for access to data and data query. Network participants will provide access to their datasets in exchange for tokens, and gathered data will be structured and resolved by data vendors or repositories.
  • Collateral in transactions. The ALBT token will be used as collateral in transactions between network participants.
  • Voting and delegating of voting power. Network participants will be able to delegate tokens to Institutional nodes responsible for the network and ACI updates, increasing their voting power.
  • Staking. By setting up an institutional, data, or service node, network participants will benefit from staking protocol.
  • Network Participant Rating. Every user will be assigned with the token index that is an outcome of the number of tokens held, the time of tokens held, and active participation in events involving tokens.

Key Takeaways

The AllianceBlock project introduced the Prometheus Protocol. This is a multilayered architecture that aims to bridge the gap between the traditional finance industry and the booming decentralized finance industry, potentially channelling trillions of dollars of traditional capital into DeFi.

The AllianceBlock open ecosystem is a multifaceted platform that enables its members to issue, transfer, and own tokenized and digitized assets. It uses both human and machine intelligence to harness the wisdom of stakeholders in decision-making and governance.

To date, the AllianceBlock team has successfully partnered with Quant, Holochain, Orion Protocol, and many more.

AllianceBlock Now Trading on CoinMetro

CoinMetro’s ALBT listing is the world’s first fiat gateway for the promising utility token from the AllianceBlock project.

The first ever fiat trading pair for AllianceBlock – ALBT/EUR – is now live on the CoinMetro platform. Initially, trading will be done via limit orders only. Market orders, the swap widget, and market makers are coming over the next couple of weeks.

Don’t have a CoinMetro account yet? Open one and complete your KYC to start trading ALBT today.